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Experiencers, Abductees and Contactees
Until Now We have been Alone

Ever wake up in the morning with a new memory? Have a flashback? Have an old memory you cannot seem to forget? But there is no one to tell or share your experiences with? Stellarpax is the place you can share your thoughts without fear. No trolls or skeptics just other people who have had similar experiences. 

My name is Dana Donlon. In 2009 I began the UFOchick  online blog because I could not find anywhere online to "belong" and needed to share what was happening to me. Soon after I began receiving emails, LOTS of emails. Since then my online presence has evolved from a simple  blog and answering emails from other experiencers to my creation of  the site that I wished so much had been there for me when I needed so desperately to communicate with others like myself. 

After almost two years of work Stellarpax opened on March 1st of this year. It has been an unparallelled  success with almost 1000 hits per day and many people joining our community.
People are connecting. 

Register Now and Join in the Discussions
Stellarpax opened officially on March 1st of this year. Already we have over 225 active members,
over 135 blog posts,  500 posts/comments from members on many UFO/ET related subjects,
over 200 forum posts and an uncountable number of pictures and file uploads. 

Member Comments and Reviews

Are you ready for an environment with supportive, kind and like minded people? Here are some
 comments from users on our site.

"What a great site! Looking forward to sharing experiences with other experiencers."
"I am very pleased to join with Stellarpax . Thank you.
 I look forward to communicating with others that understand. Peace."

"I just wanted to thank you and Terry so much for starting this website!
I have seen others express the feeling that they do not feel alone anymore, and I share that sentiment.
 Everyone I have met here has been kind and supportive.
  Thank you again for sharing your experiences and for all your hard work!!"
"At least I have some friends now that can relate and appreciate those unexplained
 aspects of life we all deal with. Talking and reading about you all and your own opinions,
your own experiences and fears has helped me. Thank you! "

"I am happy to have gotten here to such a great environment. Peace ."
"It is an honor to be a part of the collective that is moving forward to bring
 understanding that we are all connected."

 Stellarpax has all the qualities and features that a site created by experiencers for
experiencers should.  Here are some of them:

 1) ACTIVITIES!  There are a lot of things to do on Stellarpax.  Each member receives a profile page with a large  customizable profile, a place to store your files, your blog entries, bookmarks, followers and following and  more. The member directory with avatars and more allows you to contact other members by our onsite private message service, email (If they have made it public) posting a comment on one of their blog pages or chat with them in the large forum.

2) PRIVACY!  Stay in the closet or be your real life self, we do not require real names or verification of who  you are. We are on a private domain on a private hosting account. No government agency, corporation or  online entity has access to our files. We do not give away or sell your info.  Only members can see parts of the site including the member list and profiles.     A safe hosting site for your files. We offer each member a place to put their files. Video from your phone or camera, pictures and even music/audio may be stored on your profile.

  A safe from any type of harassment environment.  We have zero tolerance for bullies. There are many ways to interact on Stellarpax. We use comments to share stories about first experiences and interactions with different species. We have a social wall on the homepage where people may share things. 

We have a large forum that can handle up to 200k posts. We offer each member a blog, text, picture or videos may be blogged, your blogs show up on your profile page and are shared with all the members so  that others may comment and start a discussion about your experiences or opinions. All of these aremoderated. No harassment is ever tolerated.

Please come visit our site! 
We look forward to having you as a member!

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