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Wisdom from above... Gravity, Gold and Universal Law

Losing The Midas Touch.
by Deborah

Gravity - it moves stuff, it dictates - it is a law of the material universe where the biggest and heaviest objects wield the greatest power and influence.

A black hole at the centre of our galaxy turns like an engine creating the original motion that set every thing in motion and much as it takes, it has given in light as a super massive star and all the material of its supernova is the stuff that made our planet and even the components for life itself - we are made of star dust.

Gravity is the law for physical matter but gravity is not the law for quantum light energy - for quantum energy, the law is freedom in abundance.

When quantum energy inhabits a living body of biological intelligence/consciousness, the law is abundance in compassion because where there is no compassion there is no intelligence.

When biological intelligence fails to grasp the law the biology will ultimately, destroy itself because everything in the universe needs to exist lawfully i.e. a comet hitting earth is a lawful action whereas earth being damaged by a man-made weapon is an unlawful action because it is done by choice and not as a result of natural, law.

If humanity manages to stop a comet hitting earth then that is also, a lawful action because it is done through compassion to protect life on earth and compassion for life is the law for intelligence; in this way biological intelligence and universal material find a balance of law by which they can both legally/lawfully co-exist; intelligence by the law of compassion has a lawful right to intervene in the laws of gravity.

So, let us now consider gravity as a concept, an understanding in human thought and place it at the heart of our human worlds and cultures; here we find a sphere of influence in thought - the more powerful the thoughts so all the more powerful their influence will be i.e. thoughts based on truth, knowledge, facts, experience - thoughts people readily and willingly believe and accept as guides for life.

Since life is a natural result of universal creative forces within the restrictions of gravity and the abundance and freedom of quantum energy, intelligent life is naturally attuned with universal law according to the understanding we have of ourselves as naturally, created beings.

Without going into the depths and dimensions of our ever changing perspectives on who we are and why exist in terms of ourselves as a species and then, in terms of whether we are a child, a man or a woman and then in terms of what race, culture, religion etc., it is obvious that over time and times, we humans have either by choice or force - and mostly by force - been compelled to live within a framework of established judgements about who and what is superior = important/valuable and what is inferior = unimportant/worthless.

Within these judgements arrive the question of ownership and control; the superior humans decide they have a right to control and own the inferior humans. Superior humans have the power to put their thoughts into action so one man and his counsel can control the thoughts and actions of a million+ people.

Dictating thoughts are a gravity within human consciousness, our worlds revolve around the most powerful, guiding thoughts and those thoughts in turn, carry a solid weight of influence in the material world - an accepted 'truth' that what sustains the thoughts is actually, a solid reality of fact.

The most superior thoughts are considered to be founded on the purest and brightest material reality and those who own most of the purest material therefore, have greatest influence of power to put their thoughts into action because people believe in the purity and value of the material and they understand the material is not common but rare and naturally, only a few can hold it and they control the power of its gravity/ influence.

The purest and heaviest material on earth is gold (platinum is actually purer but being silver in colour it has traditionally, attracted little attention since it is not instantly distiguishable to the onlooker as most precious). Gold attracts the power of human belief that it is valuable, superior and precious and actually, 'holy' = a gift of god for god-like humans born to lead; gold = gravity.

Gold is a heavy material and the power of belief in its superiority/value places a heavy weight of gravity on human consciousness,the power of its value dictates and guides those driven to amassing it; if 10 children are valued as a fair exchange for a bag of gold, then a human who wants gold will happily find 10 children to sell.

Humans tend to value their children, especially women who pay the full cost in pain and labour of delivering those children into being and equally, the fathers who love the women and who delight in their offspring.

How to get hold of children then? Is the question. Except no, the REAL question is WHY does a man with gold wish to exchange some of it for 10 children?

It transpires that the man with lots of gold is very bored, he never has to do to much work because he has servants and slaves to work for him, he develops perverse desires because of the lead and mercury he has used to refine his gold and which have in turn, poisoned his mind and polluted his intelligence, the man with lots of gold is in reality, quite insane and his insanity has led him to fantasise about having lots of sex with lots of children. Or else, his religious counsel have told him he needs to kill 10 children so their blood can feed 'god' who will then bless the leader with even more gold and power. Or else, he wishes to train those children to serve him in specific ways of fighting or writing etc.

The man with gold believes that only he has a right to live in abundance and only because he controls the gravity of thought; life is there for him to enjoy like a god and for those without gold, to suffer the burdens of his demands because they have no gravity of influence and because of that they must submit to the those who have the greatest gravity of influence.

In this way gravity has become the law within human consciousness. It is true we must respect the law of gravity in our physical existence - step off a cliff and we will fall - gravity cannot 'forgive' any error - it is something we have to learn from childhood and it is something we need to understand in order to build stable structures. However, gravity is not something that should be guiding and influencing our thoughts in terms of living lawfully because according to universal law and reality, we are also, a quantum light energy of being and so, we are duty bound to live with compassion in abundance and freedom.

Unfortunately, the man with lots of gold, he finds compassion is far too limiting, it means he cannot use children for his pleasures and desires, it means he cannot deny abundance to those with no gold, it means he must live with respect for all life and not just his own; compassion demands consideration, empathy, care, nurture, mercy, forgiveness = love.

The first thing the men of gold do is to abandon compassion through rationalising their often, insane desires and perverse ambitions i.e. women are physically weaker than men therefore, men may own and control both women and their children: MIGHT = RIGHT.

The directive of might = right is a lawless directive because it fundamentally operates in absolute opposition to the true law for intelligent life which is RIGHT = MIGHT. Universal Law of abundance in Compassion = Right = might = power of truth via universal reality. Might = Right = power of a lie to ignore universal reality in favour of imposing a reality that satisfies men's wanton desires regardless of life's rights and needs.

Over time, the gold casts more and more influence until humanity arrives at a collective point by which every nation is based on a economy driven by the gravity of gold and its owners thoughts and ambitions. A 'civilization' has developed on the strength of the gravity, conscessions are granted as new knowedge defines and refines the ambitions of progress i.e. technology is the 'baby' of man and gold powers the technology and chooses about which technology most serves the continuing status-quo of might = right.

Good technology serves life - it saves labour and time.

Bad technology destroys life - it forces labour and robs people of time.

Technology can be good or bad and yet still, force humanity into slavery and rob people of time only because the technology is controlled by those who succeed in maintaining specific levels of poverty through denying people's natural right to benefit from universal law of abundance in compassion. The less gold people have the less power they have to establish the true law and so, it is necessary for the gold-men to make sure that compassion is limited to the constraints of their economy on life which is reduced to being a competition by force of continual austerity where the 'winners' in life are those who escape poverty by amassing wealth.

The only way for men with no gold to amass wealth and thereby, gain power, is by controlling lands, animals, women and children. In this way, the gravity of gold influences increasing degrees of crime; theft, murder, rape - all are necessary to attain wealth within the constraints of austerity and lack of compassion is a vital aspect of all such crime.

If the gold cannot buy life and especially, women and children, then the gold really has no value which means the MOST valuable things in life are actually, the women and children and animals and lands that gold hopes to control and own. By valuing these in terms of their worth in the weight of gold, life is reduced to being a 'commodity': Children have a price on their head.

Apart from power to persuade others to obey our demands what does the gold itself actually GIVE to life? The answer is that gold gives very little; its uses are limited and indeed, according to life's actual NEED for gold, Earth is blessed with an ABUNDANCE of the stuff!

Because gold is not obviously abundant as iron, men who lust for power decided that gold therefore must be MORE precuious than iron when actually no, iron is MORE precious than gold because iron forms the foundation of our life's blood and silver is again, more abundant than gold and silver like iron, is needed for our technology and healthcare = when we look at the materials Earth has provided, we understand that all our needs are covered according to the necessary uses of the materials provided.

In this respect, earth reflects the natural, universal law of abundance in compassion provided for life. In contrast, the world created by gold worshippers does not reflect universal law, it reflects the law of gravity of might = power to control and dictate = the power of the material universe which operates outside of the freedoms of quantum light energy.


Gold is KILLING life not because the gold is 'evil' but because of the BELIEFS that men have invested in its powers i.e. a gift of 'god' when in reality EVERYTHING on earth is a 'gift of god'/the universe and its natural laws for both material and light.

An economy for life based on the value of gold is therefore, a heavy weight placed as an extra burden on human consciousness i.e. in amongst the daily works and needs of life to continue from one generation to the next, there is a gravity of thought related entirely to the gold-worshippers and their collective demands and ambitions and over time, they elect leaders who are born into wealth and power and soon, all such privileged people born into wealth by birthright are revered as 'superior'/'royal'/'elite' who have natural rights to continue in their father's footsteps - a prince is born to be a king and from that point on, there is established the concept of 'higher breeding'.

Naturally, those superior people require ever more conclusive evidence to support their philosophy on life and their self-appointed 'superiority' i.e. the 'best' man has a cold heart and does not easily succumb to the emotions of compassion. Scientists are employed to prove that the poorest people are in some way, intellectually and genetically inferior or that Black people for example, were born to be slaves to white people i.e. that such approaches to life are NATURAL = LAWFUL = RIGHT.

Of course, they can NEVER be right because when it comes to humanity, might does NOT = right. Ironically, the science proved only the very opposite of the gold-worshippers belief; the richest people were actually, gentically and intellectually inferior and only because of inbreeding for sake of keeping the gold in the family and only because their collective denial of compassion = denial of intelligence and universal law.

As the human species over centuries buries the golden-gravity ever deeper into the very heart of its social and economic drives, people lose sight of the true source of their seemingly never ending and impossible to solve troubles of crimes and disorder. There is only order in the external public shperes of influence i.e. institutions of power and their controllers. In the average family home, children are raised according to the dictates of the ruling males who in truth, are slaves to the gold-worshipping males who dictate according to their whims and desires.

In this way, it is perfectly possible for children to be raised in lawless realities within what they are told, is a lawful world; women and children and animals are suffer cruelty and paranoid suspicions, they are abused and accused and denigrated and denied any right of self-autonomy = their inner light is BLOCKED OUT in favour of sustaining the guiding light of gold = the power of thought of those who own the gold.

A problem exists and the problem is that life is putting a lot of effort and energy into sustaining a consciousness = a belief that in fact gives very little in return. Certainly, the gold-belief does not support universal law for quantum light energy and certainly, it ONLY supports the laws for universal materiality which means human law itself is imbalanced because it serves only ONE aspect of universal law at expense of the other.

Ultimately, a species dependent on giving its more to receive its less, will find itself in debt because the universe does not naturally, operate in any such way and when we live against nature we are damaging ourselves and the life on earth; to those who have less, less will be given and to those who have more, then more will be given. That is the law. Gold benefits off that law because by amassing more it receives more and by the people having less they receive their less. Which is why intelligence advises us to give and receive fairly.

By consciously living according to the dictates of giving our more to receive our less by force of those who wish to give their less to receive their more, the majority of humans will struggle to thrive in ever deepening levels of poverty as demands from an increasing number of gold worshippers and their followers, requires the labour and produce of more and more people to sustain them - appetites increase and there are continual battles for power among the rich who employ the poor to fight wars on their behalf.

Humanity has tried to overcome the power of gold worshippers and their continual conflicts and divisions by establishing human rights and laws to protect peoples rights and give them a degree of choice in choosing their leaders. However, since their leaders ultimately, are all in service to the gold worshippers, rights and law remain inaccessible and are useless in dealing with the immediate circumstances and situations imposed by the gold worshippers; a concept like 'democracy' is but a sham, a flimsy facade to convince the strongest of the poor (whose continual allegiance is required to subordinate the greater numbers of the lower masses) that their leaders are actually serving them too. In reality they are not.

Money created by the gold and/or the products gold-worshippers fund to produce like oil etc., will continue to buy its slaves and its lands and women and children and regardless of human rights. Humanity will suffer and the next generation will be expected to repay the debts of the previous generation = life is born into debt. Meanwhile, the lawless, gold worshippers will continue unabated in their corruptive influences and their perverse desires will be imposed on the general populaces of earth; a poor madman is quickly crushed but a wealthy madman will have servants ready to satisfy his every whim = a rich man's madness can build an institution which will stand for centuries to serve his madness which is slowly, accepted as the 'norm'.

And so, we arrive at today; a lawless world engaged in vandalizing our planet for a 'profit'. Children are abused and killed as a 'necessary/inevitable' evil = a sacrifice for the greater 'good' except, WHERE is the greater good? There is in truth NO 'greater good' the lawlessness exists only to serve and sustain, the greater bad. There is no happy ending to that story, there is only extinction; "the wages of sin/crime is death".

When women have no rights, populations explode as women have no choice about when or with whom, they will reproduce. Women are told that their sole function in life is to satisfy male desires and produce babies and raise the next generation according to the gold worshippers requirements. Eventually, the rich begin to feel that there are "too many people" and they devise another war or find whatever means they can, to set about a cull. In the eyes of the gold-worshippers, sacrifice is a natural part of life and their purpose of power is to decide who may live or die.

While every human is afraid of death, in universal reality there is no such thing as 'death', everything is a continual recycling and the quantum-energy of our being is born again and again into biological life or else, either transcends into higher dimensions of conscious reality or falls into the lower dimensions of conscious reality.

It all depends on our soul vibrations which in turn are harmonized according to how we have lived in our physical form = did we live lawfully/compassionately or not? Did we live like a sheep? Maybe we will be reborn as a sheep then? Did we live like a tiger - maybe we will be reborn as a tiger? Did we live according to present day knowledge and the future of its promise - maybe we will be born in a future time? Did we live according to old traditions by ignoring new knowledge - maybe we will be returned to live in ancient times?

Once people understand that the lawful way to live is via abundance in compassion and according to our human, animal and earth rights, then human worlds will change and all such necessary change (if we are to survive as a species) will happen along smoother lines when those who own and control the gold lose their traditional belief in its very limited powers of production. Gold is protection from harmful raditation, it cannot protect the living consciousness from natural life sustaining, intelligent-light because that is not 'protection' it is simply a tomb or a jail designed to inhibit growth and natural progress.

When people understand universal reality by majority, that most of us will be returned to be reborn into the corrupted worlds we left behind and all according to pure chance of being born into either, wealth or poverty and with the odds vastly in favour of poverty, both rich and poor will begin show a little more care and concern about the future of humanity and about the general conditions for life into which the average human is born.

Reincarnation is by no means a new concept and we can see how some cultures have utilised that intuitive knowledge toward sustaining their gold-worshipping purposes i.e. good/godly/superior people are born rich and bad/devilish/inferior people are born poor - like gold the good are considered scarce and bad are common.

Krishna, Jesus Mohammed and countless souls have strived through time to explain that in the eyes of god/universe, all humans are equal in terms of their rights to benefit from Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion and humanity as an intelligent species was created to care for the life on a living planet, to embody and BE the law of compassion i.e. Noah building his ark to save and sustain life through a terrible flood.

Humanity is the 'compensation' of life for life in face of other natural universal laws which while creating life can also, put it at risk. Essentially, the universe loves life because it is through life that the universe gets to inhabit and enjoy its own creation. Without life, the universe is dead.

While existence of the human soul has long been confined to the realms of spiritual and religious belief, new knowledge of quantum energy via the science of quantum physics has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the concept of the soul is founded in solid reality; every cell in our bodies is powered by quantum energy, our very processes of thoughts are powered by the same quantum energy and all of that energy continues to exist in the universe when our physical bodies expire = SOLID FACT OF LIFE.

Since intelligence is entirely dependent on truth for guidance in making a right or a wrong choice according to universal law, powers of an intelligence established on a tradition of lies/false belief will strive to oppress the truth and to the point where truth becomes a criminal offense according to the lawless laws of the world which says MIGHT = RIGHT.

Ironically, the colour of our light being is EXACTLY the colour of gold and it is only because of this, our consciousness has been so easily persuaded by the lure of gold's atrractions and the beliefs that men of might have invested in its weight and purity. Humanity is therefore, required at some point, to make an intelligent judgement about which gold we are most wise and most intelligently need to serve; the physical gold and its law of might = right or the quantum light gold and its law of right = might?

One gold leads to eternal death and the other gold leads to eternal life - which way shall we choose and, can we trust the men of power to make the RIGHT choice on our behalf? One gold is heavy, the other gold is light - which one is easier to carry? Which one oppresses human consciousness and which one liberates human consciousness?

Quantum Light Being naturally gravitates toward universal law of abundance in compassion because for intelligent, conscious life, universal law is the only 'gravity' of power we need; women and children and animals and our planet have rights and those rights need to be lawfully respected = no one has a right to vandalise or pollute our planet for their personal 'profit', no one has a right to impose their debts on every generation, no one has a right to enslave, no one has a right to deny life its natural abundance; a lover learns to co-exist with his-her beloved whereas a rapist learns to enslave/own an object of desire.

Is humanity a lover or a rapist?

When humanity has made a collective choice about whether or not we choose to live with universal law of abundance in compassion, we will have either passed on through into our next stage of evolution and into universal conscious being or else, we will have decided to throw ourselves off the edge of a very high cliff into the nothingness that is lawlessness because in reality, the law of gravity was itself, created by the law of abundance and freedom via the powers of quantum light energy = basically, the might is committed to serving the light as indeed, our living planet permits life to grow on this rock and is committed to sustaining it.

The choice to live lawfully has to be a free choice because universal law can in no way pander to slaves - only the physical is a slave to gravity and when the mightier human may enslave a physically weaker human, the ONLY protection the women and children have is from universal law of compassion = respect for their legal/universal rights and with other mighty humans willing to defend and protect their legal rights.

Who will rise among the mighty to align with universal law of abundance in compassion and help to deliver the child of earth through our next stage of evolution into Universal Human Being? When men learn to understand that physical gold is NO protection from honouring the beneficence of universal Law only then, will humanity enter the golden age that is the promise of the rainbow coveneant.
Can we read a rainbow?

Yes, we can = UNIFIED DIVERSITY IN COLLECTIVE HARMONY OF LIVING LIGHT BEING. It is time to bring the children home to love.

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