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Bio-resonant Propulsion. How do UFOs work?

Please read these blog entries on "Co-creating Our New Earth" for background on this topic before you start reading the conversation below. The headings below are directly linked to the "Co-creating" blog.

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I also wish to mention, and for no gain to myself - I DO NOT seek "followers" and We are ALL Co-creators who have the innate ability to "find" this sort of information, each one of us - That through a series of "coincidences" (there are no coincidences) some of the material that was given to me by Arcturian Light Beings in 2011 was handed on to professors in the Aeronautics Department at Princeton University USA later that year. That's pretty bizarre since I live in New Zealand and have no contacts whatsoever to the American scientific community. But when the Universe wants something done, it finds a way. I met a man holidaying in NZ who is a US academic affiliate - a professor himself (PhD Physics), who thought my information was noteworthy enough to pass on.
I only mention this to confirm that what is talked about here isn't Sci-Fi. It's becoming Manifest reality into our 3-4D world. Many thanks ~ Ramallah

The quantum universe is a very, very strange place indeed   : )


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What is it like to fly a Bio-resonant Lightship? (Alexa)

How do you do it? What training do you need? (Ramallah)

ALEXA73 Light Warrior (Italy)11 February 2015 at 06:04
I also know that way of merging with the Ship. I always do it and I feel All One with it. It's like as if Me I am my ufo... I see with his cells eyes all around and no possible to crash or having an accident. Because I see where I am going, just like when I'm walking on the street... This is the reason why UFO LIGHT SHIPS ARE ALIVE!

Ramallah (New Zealand) 11 February 2015 at 14:43
Yes. They are Alive... responsive... but not of themselves sentient. Sentience is transferred to the cells via the Thought-connection of the sentient being who pilots them.

ALEXA73 Light Warrior11 February 2015 at 06:14
I know that kind of light ship's way of driving. I always merge with it before taking off... My soul merges with its bio-mat [biologically encoded mat-aerial], and we are as One. It's easy to get merged. Just let him find your higher resonance frequency and let it connect to you... He will find you. You just relax.

Nice times are when flying for fighting combat tests... The Eastern quadrant of Lyra skies!

A quiet, quiet place... Just right to have an examination... See you there sometimes...

Ah... I remember that I had a half exam where I had to pilot on my own for a short distance in a Mother Ship. It was difficult because my thoughts were shared into plenty of telepathy commands all at once. I got it, but I don't have the patience. The test was given to me to see if I could do it or not, in the next future.

Ramallah11 February 2015 at 14:40
Yes... Thank you Alexa for this confirmation. I also know that bio-mat-aerial technology exists in other dimensions we are not yet able to access. That's probably what the other 90% of our brain is for - to process all the other dimensions that exist but are currently "turned off" to us at the moment... Like a veil has been pulled down over our sensory perceptions.

It's like a radio receiver that has not yet been tuned into the exact frequency of the sound, so the listener (whose JOB it is to turn the dial to tune in) is completely unaware of people talking to them in a radio studio somewhere...

In the same way, Humanity needs to learn to RECEIVE...

"Ask and you shall receive..." Jesus said. A Universal Truth. We need to go through the steps to put up our individual and then our collective antenna. It's our own RESPONSIBILITY PERSONALLY, to try out what works for ourselves from an astounding number of methods we can use to "tune in". We need to find the methods that work for us personally...

and then LISTEN...

To LOOK, to LISTEN, to FEEL, to be AWARE... And then slowly, we break through the shell that keeps us Earth-bound in the 3-4D. But we need to Tune In first... and figure out how to become RECEIVERS. We are each "tuned" differently, so we will all receive differently.

The quantum field is mysterious and inexplicable from our fixed 3-4D Earth point of view. But it's a place where all Possibilities are continually Expanding towards the Light. ALL is Possible... The quantum physicists are baffled by what they find, so it's nearly impossible for averagely intelligent earth humans to try to fathom what's going on by using the usual conventional empirical methodology.

The Universe is alive and exploding... Transforming and Mutable...

Will we ever get the same results from 'an experiment' that is repeatable? Probably not. Our Earth's Solar System is hurtling through space at an astounding 17,000 miles an hour. Our Solar System is constantly being bombarded by new energies throughout the galaxies that we do not understand. Because an experiment works well today, it doesn't mean it will work in the same way tomorrow. Our environmental MacroSystem is constantly being challenged. So we must be prepared to constantly be creatures of change and adaptation. And we are. This is our natural Cause... To BE IN Change. This is a feature of the ever-exploding Universe. Dynamism. And WE are That !! : )

This is why Earth Humans need to go to "skill sets" such as: intuition, prayer, meditation, music, dance, painting, tarot, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, channelling, the dreamtime, HEART, guides, angels, crystals, past life memories, invention, innovation, cannabis, ayahuasca, vision, revelation, dreams, drumming, remote writing, remote viewing, UFO-gazing, photography, intercourse, orgasm, sacred ritual and keeping the ceremonies, fire-gazing, childbirth, tree-hugging, gardening, bird watching, being with domesticated and wild animals... ALL of these and a hundred more experiences besides, connect us to each other, and the unseen realms. It is not empirical. It is CREATIVE !! That's why we have a CREATOR... not an Emperor !! ; )

ALL of these are keys into the quantum field that science can not possibly, in no way, empirically explore. Scientists shackle themselves in their attempts to elucidate that which can not be fathomed. Meanwhile, mere Earth Humans like us learn to FLY... as we keep connecting with the realms that are not yet manifest (seen) by our Earth eyes : ) But they will soon be seen by our eyes... and much sooner than we think. It's all about to change... within our lifetime.

WE are the Creators. We really are that Powerful...

Ramallah ~ February 12, 2015


SPIRAL FRACTURE HEALED 1977  - by Bronwyn Llewellyn

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

FREE Foundation bonafide Psychology Study of the paranormal...

FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters... 

is undertaking the first ever comprehensive academic research study on the ET Contact Phenomena  

   The FREE Experiencer Research Study.   

                                                  Dr. Jon Klimo   

Our study will focus on individuals who have had any type of UFO related “Contact” with non-human intelligent beings.  No one has ever attempted this type of study before.  For the first time ever, we will have comprehensive data on the Experiencer Contact Phenomena. 

Word file can be sent to you via email by contacting Rey Hernandez of the FREE Foundation.  It contains a document entitled "Preliminary Findings" from our FREE Experiencer Research Study.  This document is a preliminary report of the data from our first of our three part research study.  

The data is presented in a series of “Pie Charts” for approximately 80% of our Phase 1 Survey questions.  The data was collected over a five month period.  We hope to continue this project for many years and to write a formal report on our findings at the end of each year.  

All of our data will be made available to the public at the end of each year.   The attached 2 page cover letter provides additional information on our research study.

Please circulate and forward this email and attached document as widely as possible 
and encourage other Experiencers to take our survey.

In approximately 2 weeks our Phase 2 Survey will be ready and this survey has over one thousand questions.  Once again, our FREE Experiencer Research Study is historic and this type of comprehensive academic research study has never been attempted before.  

We want to clarify several negative rumors that have been circulating around the internet.  The first rumor is that our research study is not a scientific study.  

In response, we want to inform everyone that the FREE Experiencer Research Study was developed and supervised by 2 retired Professors of Psychology - Dr. Jon Klimo, the world's leading academic on the so called "Paranormal" phenomena, and Dr. Leo Sprinkle, the pioneer in the research field of “ET Contact/Abduction” who published his first article in this subject in 1962.  

Dr. Jon Klimo is the Chair of our FREE Experiencer Research Study.  

Professor Klimo has chaired over 250 Ph.D. dissertations in his 40 years in academia, 75 of them have been on the topic of the "Paranormal".  He has published numerous academic books and articles on the "Paranormal", most in peer reviewed academic journals. 

Professor Klimo has also taught “Research Methodology” for over 40 years, beginning as a Professor at Rutgers College and he also developed the “Research Methodology” for the FREE Experiencer Research Study.

FREE website:

This article is contributed by Rey Hernandez of FREE foundation.

Please click on Rey's link above to read his Contact Story.


Alexa from Italia - UFO sighting, Mother Ship training, Healing...

First of all, sorry for my mistakes in English. In this life I am from Italy...

Since when I was a child I always knew that extraterrestrial life was possible. I felt it inside of me as a natural thing. My mama's blood group was O Rh-  She died when she was 32 years old. I was just 8. It means that she was not totally from Earth, like Rh+ are!

She was visited by ET beings when she was in the hospital of Milano, because of a bad cancer which lead her to death. Three handsome and kind guys from heaven came into the hospital room without passing through the door nor through the window.

They looked at her and spoke together among themselves in a strange language, then they disappeared in a shot.

My mum told it to my granny and after her death my grandma told it to me, during a speech about UFOs in a documentary.

From that moment I began to try to contact, first my mom from heaven then I tried to call those three Humanoid guys who visited my mom last.

Source  Photograph of an alleged UFO in New Jersey, taken on July 31, 1952

I was with my grand parents during school summer holidays in Piacenza at our holiday house, when I had my first contact.

It was night and I was outside in the garden with my grandpa when I saw a big yellowish glowing light in the sky, right over our garden.

I was very happy and excited so I told my grandpa to look up and say, "Hello!".

He was frightened to death and he directed me to run inside and close the door. I wasn't afraid at all and I tried to tell UFO telepathically to not be scared about me and my grandpa, because I am not scared about them!

Then my grandpa, as I didn't obey him quickly... he caught me by an arm and he forced me to go in.

I lately told UFO, telepathically, that I had to obey, but I wanted to see them back again as soon as possible.

My Grandparents sent me to bed to go to sleep, but I didn't sleep for real, because I felt into my heart that the UFO might come back during the night for me. I waited for them in a fake sleep!


After about one hour, I saw a big glowing light right out of my window. My joy reached the top because I finally was alone with my UFO!

Telepathically they told me to not exit to the balcony, because it was not needed for me to be abducted with all my physical body, because I was already able to move with astral body; but I had just to relax myself and wait.

I was able to make a Zen relaxing breath, to astral travel halfway to my mom in the sky. I made it without any fear. I felt like I was outcoming from my body to reach the garden outside where I found a little Glowing light blue guy waiting for me...

We played together like children... And he taught me to improve my telepathy level and other ESP by just trusting more into myself. Then before leaving, he told me that we would be together again in the future and all life long.

After some years our contacts began again... while I was doing my homework one evening, a gentle voice inside of me told me to shut my eyes and to write down something under dictation. I wrote it down and at the end I had a plenty of coordinates x and y, to be represented into a Cartesian plane. When I opened my eyes and I wrote the numbers, I noticed that I obtained the shape of a UFO!

Then I was informed about a personal coordinate number that enables me to come back to Earth from anywhere in space.

I have been taught to drive it by using cerebral waves and LEVEL 1 telepathic commands - To turn left and right, to land, to take off and to activate other special commands.

I've never been left alone and our friendship has arisen year after year.

Lately, exactly from 2011, I began to attend an astral school on a Mother Ship of The Galactic Federation of Planets. I attended day by day a multilevel school. At night I felt moved to go to school by relaxing my mind and soul and astral traveling to them.


Time is not the same as on Earth... There is no time to school like here... Each time is worthy to have a course. They don't mind if here it is day or night, but also if you stay awake all night to attend a lesson in the sky, the morning after YOU ARE OK! During our terrestrial day, as I am at work, I have been taught to raise up my vibratory level into an awake mode and to be here and there at the same time.

25 Ways That Quantum Mechanics Changed Our View Of Reality

Published on Jan 13, 2015

Quantum Mechanics is one of the breakthroughs in science that enabled scientists to explain phenomena at the level of atomic and sub-atomic particles. As the Quantum theory progressed, the more “mysteries” it begin to tackle which prompted Einstein to say, “the more success the quantum theory has, the sillier it looks.” It’s no surprise that quantum mechanics has had a huge impact on our view of reality, see what we mean with these 25 ways that quantum mechanics changed our view of the universe.

Note: You'll have to go right through to interesting Fact 1 and 2 for direct relevance to this testimony.

Alexa continues ~

I'm still learning...

I attended Universal Theology, three levels of telepathy, quantum physics and quantum mechanics, the art of self-defense both body to body, with the laser sword, with a steel bar and with a peculiar illusions technique including Materialization-Dematerialization, mirror reflex techniques, enemy projection surrounding (you duplicate your image all around the enemy) and you shoot him from... At this point I don't reveal it, because it's a secret of fighting warriors. Then I learned basic of UFO defense out in the space, just to be able to defend myself if it occurs.

I also learned vibrational healing, and to increase my body energies thanks to faith in God and His energy of love; so actually I don't need a doctor anymore . Those healing techniques I can use them for my family too and to my pets! No need for a pediatrician nor a veterinarian...

I'm always in touch with a lot of benevolent races, because in a Big Mother Ship we are all together without any distinction of race. NO RACISM NO PREJUDICES...

Image supplied

Since my first time on the ship until now I always felt at home, no fear, a lot of respect... I just feel like I am one of them. They always treated me well, with love and patience...

I never felt like I was an abductee: I am just one of them.

In fact, one day after a long time of good relations among us, I had to learn more about myself, such as that I am a Star Seed from Sirius! They gave me a big History Lesson about all races, planets with life in, starting from the origins of the Vega Star in the Lyra Constellation and all about the galactic wars and colonizations... Up to today, and about Ancient ET Civilizations who established on the Earth since a very long time...

My... our story is still developing... But I can't tell you anymore, because I could compromise my Mission here and I can't reveal more...


Sorry! Privacy now is required...!

Thanks for sharing a little part of my double life: Here on Earth and up in the sky...

Should you want to know more, pay attention to the signs of the times...

Post Scriptum: Look at the UFOs schedule of sightseeing and compare the L3 MER KA BAH UFO with the two supplied photos... [below]

It's mine and my friend's Merkabah space ship "the little personal MerKaBah ufo", not the Mother Ship!

Enjoy reading...

Alexa73 Warrior of the Divine Love (God).


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Orion Keeper speaks straight from the Arcturian Heart...

Going Within in the winter time, Forgiving your Self

Published on Dec 15, 2014

How the winter time can help us in the Self Exploration and how it can help us in finding Forgiveness.

Somehow the winter period always helps to bring up past experiences or negative beliefs, that determine our current life and gives us the opportunity to deal with them. Usually it brings up beliefs, negative experiences that we didn't believed that we had and by this it gives us the opportunity to forgive our Self and be able to Heal. Many of us have the belief that we don't deserve to be happy, that we are not worthy of being Loved, to receive Love. We often associate receiving Love, with getting hurt. We need to release the Belief in order to be able to Heal, and to have a fulfilling Life Experience.

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You are Loved !! 

Allow Love IN.

KNOW you are LOVED by ALL of Creation... THIS MUCH !! : )


Allow expressions of Love all around you... 

Expressing Love for YOU !!

Wow... As soon as I wrote this just now, there was this clicking in my living room... Click, click, click... then click... click... occasional click...

That's what Viviane says in her videos... I forget which one. 3/4 maybe. There's a click when she said something really pertinent, then she explained how this was her 5Ds telling her "Yes".

So I get the feeling, we really need to listen up to this one:

Allow expressions of Love all around you... 

Expressing Love for YOU !!

It's still occasionally clicking... (no explanation) and it's moving to different places around the lounge room too. Man... I wish I could see orbs. I guess all I have to do is ask. Not today though. Hearing "confirmation clicking" is excitement quite enough for one day!!

Ramallah - Tuesday 10 February, 2015. 6:25pm

Orion Keeper: Zeta Reticuli experiences during dreamtime

E.T. Contactee: Zeta Reticuli interaction with Humans
Please click on the image for the video:


Published on Sep 26, 2013
Different types of Zeta Reticuli Groups and in what way do they present them self's to us so we can get use to them in time, and work with them when we are ready.

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Orion Keeper of Hungary makes contact with Arcturians, Sept 2013

Wow... Look at this shiny man.

He's practically beside himself with emotion... but being a good European guy (I guess) it letting none of it out !!  Hahaha... !!

Hopefully, he hasn't lost his connection  :D

E.T. Contactee: Arcturians, meeting for the first time


Published on Sep 25, 2013
My first interaction with the Arcturians.

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Arcturian Hybrid, Viviane Chauvet. This woman is the real deal.

ARCTURIAN Hybrid Pt1 Viviane Chauvet

Published on Jun 12, 2014

Viviane Chauvet is an Arcturian hybrid, now 61% Arcturian. In part 1 she shares about how she was conceived, her birth, and how she is physically different than humans. The doctors have studied her for years and she explains why it is so difficult to be here. An intriguing multi-part story.


I checked out all four videos in Viviane's series last night... There really are so many phonies out there and I don't want to be adding material to this blog from people who are just having nice thoughts or feelings or impressions. You will rarely find any channelled material on this blog either... mainly experiences. And I screen for people who are trying to "attract a following". It needs to be the 'real deal'.

This woman (in my mind) stacks up. My own star family connection is with Arcturian. There are all kinds of things I am aware of from Arcturian instruction to me over the last 2.5 years. I was able to use this information to test out Viviane.

We always need to do this with so-called "leaders" in these circles of teaching. We must. Our Sky Families call us to be Sovereigns - Leaders from the heart in our own affairs. We must each connect to our hearts and follow our own inner wisdom. My wisdom may not be your wisdom. That's perfectly fine. There is room for all. We no longer live in a world of duality. All causes for conflict now cease. I allow you to BE. You allow me to BE. There is space for all.

Here are some notes I made last night as I listened to Viviane. These are sparks of wisdom-knowing about the Arcturians that I also know, as Viviane expresses here.

Note: I don't consider myself "Arcturian" although I may be, and I certainly don't think i'm a hybrid. eg: I have a very different physicality and skin color to Viviane. 

I simply consider that I "walk with Arcturi" - the Arcturian collective. I feel very honoured to be connected to them.

>>  Mind you... You will also feel that way about YOUR Star Family when you discover them, no matter who they be : )  Even dracos and reptilians have their charms... and we are all enlightening even further as we continue through the photon belt in our Universe as we are presently, even these so-called "lower" energies. ALL is coming into Light.  

btw. my father was most certainly of Draco. A most fearful and difficult man... an expansive man with a huge barrel chest and 30cm (12") long hands - base of palm to fingertip. His children were all highly emotionally damaged children. But he made us warriors. I have his earth-warrior genes - a part of the caste system of India with lineages into the British and Indian military. So to Universal Consciousness, i'm grateful for the hard up-bringing. I fear none and know I can bust bricks. Not a bad combination at this time in history.

Here are a number of points I picked out from the videos where Viviane's experience or knowing of the Arcturians is the same as mine. I never heard of this woman until yesterday:

  • I am not aging as fast. I have 54 Earth years. This is a recent photo (Oct 2014)

  • I also wondered why kids were so mean to each other
  • I knew by age 7 that I was an Eternal Being - I saw "her" in my eyes in a mirror at school one day. Nobody had to tell me anything. I just "knew". That was my Awakening, 1967.
  • I remembered parts of my last life growing up on a farm in Frisia, Netherlands when I was 3 or 4 years old.
  • I have memories looking at myself as a 6-month-old sitting in an old-style wicker push chair at the beach, in west coast New Zealand.  The spirit-particle is part in, part out in young babies.

  • Arcturian council of elders... Society is to the benefit of all... Yes. The 'group mind' but which does not absorb 'the individual'. Yes.
  • I deplore competition. I hate watching team sports. I did individual sport - long distance running which is a competition with yourself. This was comfortable for me.
  • My mother also prayed to God for a long time for me. She'd had a number of miscarriages. She considered me a very special child. I was also blessed by an indigenous man (Maori) as a child, who was a tohunga (shaman) and has connection with Pleiades - Matariki.
  • I am empathic also - I also feel people's energies and emotions. I can feel people through their writing online.
  • I communicate with only one main Arcturian male entity. He's my teacher and contact. I feel he speaks for the group mind.
  • He is 7-8 foot tall (2.5m) with rays of light coming out from his heart centre. The visible extent of his rays, vibrates out to around 10 foot tall (3m) in height and 2-3 foot (0.5-1m) all around him.
  • The Arcturians I communicate with are 7th, 8th, 9th Dimensional Beings. Mainly 7th. You can't see 9th at all. They can't come through to this dense plane. I'm sure there's 5th dimensional ones too like Viviane says, who would be able to impregnate a 3-4D human woman. Note: the fourth dimension includes Time + 3Ds of Height, Width, Length. Beings like my 7-9D's wouldn't be able to achieve this sort of copulation, because they are Light only. They bring their babies in through the Etheric - by Thought. 
  • Yes, Thought creates EVERYTHING!
  • Arcturians still experience orgasm with each other, but they use different vehicles to achieve this state, not the body. I think (from what i'm being told) is that this is far greater, longer and in greater pure intensity as One within Consciousness (the true purpose) it's a far greater experience than what we achieve here in body-form. If these 7D+ tried to copulate with Earth humans, They would simply fall through us. Our forms are incompatible. We are too dense. 

Note: It's a pity about the music overshadowing what Viviane says at the end of these videos. Also, in video 2, I found the golden rays really jarring and incongruent... The rays (if any) I feel needed to be multidimensional blue-white-indigo-deep purple... just like the lapis lazuli that Viviene wears around her neck.

  • Yes... You simply resonate a frequency and your world shifts... "The Shift".
  • "How does it feel for you." Correct. Arcturians don't want followers. That was one of the things I was looking for in this lady... Is she trying to recruit followers? The answer: No, she's not.
  • ... blue portal... blue light. Right.
  • Energy-signature. Yes. She says 'lighter'. For me, I would say 'warmer' - not temperature, but warmth of friendship and acceptance.
  • Free will choice. Respect wherever people are on the path. Yes.
  • Yes. She genuinely stopped for communication. That wasn't 'put on'.
  • Community-based. Definitely. For the highest good of all.
  • We are Awakening from the competition, money-driven illusion. Yes.
  • We ARE amazing. We ARE Gods !! Seriously. Yes!
  • We Are Creating ALL THE TIME !! 
  • Community that utilises everybody's gifts. Yes.
  • I'm also moving into public life this year. I'm getting the nudge... readings, healing, channelling...
  • "We". Yes. "Arcturi" is the group.
  • We ARE Frequency and Energy.

I feel the interviewer slipped out of The NOW and didn't actually get what Viviane was meaning about "the community right here with the three of us in this room".  Interesting.  They had built A Community... the three of them... and it took up the Entire Universe in that series of Now moments of BEing in the video. The Energy shifted quite dramatically when the interviewer referred to "the past" which is never real - it's only a mental projection of what we thought it was. There is only NOW  : )   

I really appreciate the way Viviane keeps acknowledging and saying 'Yes' when the interviewers re-translate what she's said in their own (different) words.

She just says "Yes". You have it. Because they DO have it according to THEIR understanding. We ALL have understanding. It's just that my understanding might be different to yours... and both are 100% correct. 

  • Yes. They will come and walk amongst us in our lifetime. I've seen this too. 
  • "When you're Fearless, you're Free." That's been my walk to learn this too.
  • Great confirmation for me at the end of this June 2014 video... "The darker energies won't be able to appear to people anymore..."  The build-up to this happened by 2012, and since then, we have gone past the 'tipping point'. The vibration around the planet has changed. Only Light Beings will be able to come to people now, predominantly by far. The time of fearing is over.

Also... a final note from video 2 I think it was. Viviane used the word "recalibrated". This is also the word I used in my article November 2012.  This is what I was told while on board the Arcturian Light Ship - the Command Ship in my dream. I was aware there were some 9th dimensional 'elders', wisdom-keepers on the ship. The 'commanders'. I never saw or felt them. I was just aware they were there.

"All of these Light Ships of hundreds of races are here to observe. It would seem that intervention and assistance is not going to be necessary in the days to come. The planet is going to be able to right Herself and Her Own energies when the right moment is arrived at.

"I was told that the "mechanics" of the planet had been repaired and pre-set, by all of these visitors and onlookers, right on the cusp (like at the edge of a tooth of a cog) of where Mother Earth's self-repair would occur.

"Everything was pre-set as if on a timer, a 'trip wire', and everything that needed to be done from now on... ?? Mother Earth would be able to do it all for Herself.

All that would be needed was a particular series of energetic events and then all of these "pre-sets" would simply "click over". Much work had been done to re-calibrate Mother Earth and make her ready for that moment.

"In that instant, the whole "game" here on planet Earth would change. In an instant."

- by BronnyNZ.  November 16, 2012

Invite Our ET Friends to MAKE CONTACT - by Janet Kira Lessin

Mirror from: Extraterrestrial Contact -  Let Disclosure Begin!

Egyptian reliefs.  Source

Always With Us

They've always been with us. You've seen them in your dreams. Others have become aware and featured them in books, movies, television, commercials. Cave dwellers recorded their visits. Stories passed down to us became myths.

Who decided what was fact and fiction? And why?

Why are some stories myth and others recorded as religious fact? 

Who are these sprites that came in the night? 

What is/was their agenda to keep us in the dark? 

Are we receiving contact and if so, from whom? 

The answer comes from within and the connection of your soul with GodSource, Universal Consciousness and All That There Is, Was and Ever Will Be.

You are the chooser

It’s all up to you. You’re making this up anyway, as you go along. So where do you go with your individual story? How can you affect the human story. And will your choice be love and light and fear and dark? It’s up to you.

For me, I chose a paradigm of love, light and connection to God Consciousness. I realize I am connected to the grand scheme of things and that connection and awareness grows stronger with each passing day. I grow, evolve and am becoming enlightened (in light), and as I awaken I am aware that I am supported by my guides, soul family, angels, guardians of light, council of elders and wise ones, interdimensionals, aliens and extraterrestrials aligned with God (goodness), love and light.

        Source                                                                                      Source

We are all One at the core and we move through awareness of our connections in physical realms. In spirit we are always connected. It’s just Maya, illusion that keeps us from that awareness on a physical level and that’s perfect too, for our unconsciousness allows us to co-create and diversify existence, which benefits us all.

The Evidence is Overwhelming

Hundreds of thousands of witnesses have come forth over time. 

How many more sightings do we need until we admit they're here?

Educate yourself, investigate the evidence.  Tell your friends, families. Talk about it. 

Insist your government come clean. 

The Sky Families are waiting for us to invite them to contact us. 

We're being invited to become members of a wider galactic community. 

It's time for childhood to end.  

Direct Contact En Masse in the 21st Century has already begun

Invite first contact:  Before you sleep, tell them you wish to see them. You may be afraid at first, but over time you'll become used to seeing them, to living moments outside your box. The matrix is intense, heavy, controlling. But you are more than your physical self. You are an endless, timeless being. You have free will. You are a co-creator with God, with the Creator of All. This is your birthright. The time is now.

Set Yourself Free. Set All of Us Free

Our lives have been hijacked by the power elite. We are corporate, economic slaves. Technologies exist that will free us from mass slavery. Free energy systems exists that will eliminate our dependency on oil. Physical immortality is our birthright. Disease and aging are simply modern day genocide designed to keep us from living long enough so that we become wise and discover our true, spiritual selves. Religions are dogma designed to keep us from true knowingness of God. Time to meet our galactic brothers and sisters. The truth will propel us to consciousness, higher levels of awareness and spiritual evolution.

by Janet Kira Lessin

1989 - Nashville, Tennessee. September 27. The photographs of these UFOs were provided by Commander Graham Bethune of the US Navy.  He obtained these photographs of a FS-143 saucer from a close friend who claimed to have rendezvoused with another intelligence and requests anonymity. nashville1.jpg (622×447)

1989 - Nashville, Tennessee. September 27. The photographs of these UFOs were provided by Commander Graham Bethune of the US Navy. He obtained these photographs of a FS-143 saucer from a close friend who claimed to have rendezvoused with another intelligence and requests anonymity.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Have you ever seen a UFO?

People in a random discussion on social media were asked this question.

130 people replied.  Over 90% of them said "Yes".

Have you.... ??

Angie. No...hv u?

Jon.  I guess not from the outside.

Michelle. Yes.

Psy.  yes.. I have.. just a couple of months back

Shal. Yups


Kevin. No

Ruben. its terrifying

Cai. Well no coz once you've identified it it isn't a ufo you dodo jk lolz

Crystal. Yes. 3 red neon lights hovering in a triangle formation and they disappeared into the sky when a friend and I followed them in my car!

Oscar. nope..

Farrah.  It turned out to be a penis. OO======D

Michael.  No.

Michelle.  I saw the same thing!

Cai.  We all probably have just don't not noticed

Adnan.  I just had a dream about them this morning... Triangular ships.
They threw some package out. I was kinda half-aware that I am dreaming. You think they can interact with us that way as well?

Shaun. Yup or whatever type of energy it was.... whatever it was made every hair on my body stick up!!

Sparkey. The same Guys in this picture 

Ahmed.  no

Joshua.  Yes couple of times

Daniel. I've been tagged, seen an alien not even a meter away from me

Bella. yes ! twice

Bryan.  yep orange ball of light over the local mountains zoomed this way then that way ups and downs stopping still occasionally hundreds of people saw it local news explained it away as a weather balloon

Mark.  8

Didem. yes

Bella.  A similar experience happened to me Bryan Hill i saw a ball of orange light over on a hillside and it just stayed there for about 3 minutes then went over my head

Brian.  I see them all the used to be pink elephants

Jovana. I think so.

Craig. What if we have all seen a UFO but we are all conditioned to believe its something else. Ie moon, clouds

Isaiah. I have seen an unidentified flying object. Wasn't sure what it was and it was flying.. So it must have been an ufo

John. A black triangle overhead moving silently. Blocked out stars as it moved.

Tony. Visitors to this planet, choose who will see them. Read Dolores Cannon's books and prepare to be riveted with intrigue.

Alexander. Many times, in almost every country I've been to. People don't usually look up for more than a couple of seconds. During the night time, they are even easier to spot. Look up, people!

Joseph. Yep

Erik. LOL nope

Inquid. yes!

Della. For those who have - please tell us more! My brother has and his story is just amazing!

Tae. I wish...!!!!

Arman. yes, on a regular basis.

Tony. According to Dolores Cannon, our visiting friends help us, regularly.

Jackie. Yes.

Hiitesh. Always

Aron. Yes in my laptop...

Tomas. I AM A UFO

Jane.  straight up yes

Cord. yes

Tony. It's about frequencies. You don't see radio sounds, you hear them. Visitors to Earth can utilise frequencies that we do not.

Aaron. A few

Robert. Yes, there was NO doubt about one in the morning of 1984 and hazy recollections of another further back when I was about 10.

Jon. Yeah

Gregor. I've seen plenty of strange stuff most with my pals chillin outside watching the stars

Martin.  it was the aliens, maaaan

Edwin.  As much strangeness as i've seen in my life as a musician & filmmaker, no.

Kristiāns. No but I'd like to.

Dasha. not yet

Sarah. Yes!!!

Eitan. Yes! and some people probably think I am insane... so as an answer is what it mine is a gift.

Grego. well there is life everywhere cuz life adapts to life - like we adapted to earth so other life forms adapt to the environment ..nothing special to figure out actually ppl think if they haven't seen it that it doesn't exist... well many ppl today haven't really seen many types of animals (just animals like cheetah and stuff) and yet they are totally sure they exist hehe

Eitan. I have seen, but why shall I tell my story? What is your aim? to kill people who had seen UFO. So what - that doesn't make them insane.


Volande.  I saw the same thing, years ago with my friends. A silent black triangle, blocking the stars as it moved over us. Soft white lights in a v shape on the bottom.

Foyj. I see them, an during the olympics i saw alot flying around, bright lights some brighter then others.

Cody. Have you ever talked to one is the question.

Deb. Myself no, but two close friends when we were around 10 years old.

Foyj. Talk to a ufo?... I dont think a object will talk back. Lol

Katherine. Invoked a few...

Prabhas. Nah but I would love to ..



John. Yes I have like millions of others

Rene. i believe so,...

Bruno. 5 ufo-s; 0 aliens

Josue. I've seen those fiery orbs that constantly appear then get sucked in to like a different dimension. I felt like they followed me home one time late at night

Joey. Couple month ago my friends and where watching the evening sky, when someone said look at that moving star !! We started following it with our eyes, suddenly a huge portal like blue thing came out of it and it went flying of really fast.. My experience though. don't care I've u think its fake. saw ts with my own two eyes, even my friends were sceptic at first but we all saw it at the same time

Colleen. yep.

Akabaz. In Midlands UK. I've seen 3 strange things
Best was orange orb of light seen by 10 of us
Went behind clouds so wasn't a light from ground. it flew on a straight line, froze, dropped down to low altitude approx 10 miles from where we were observing from, then went half way back up and shot off in seconds across into horizon.

Derek. I was abducted. Nobody believes me.

Houda. Really ?? Seriously ??

Daniel. Once, when I was a kid, am 100% sure, just something weird that drifted toward the mountains where I live... but then, I often saw some weird signs in the sky. Last time was 4 years ago, there were strange 'lines' in the clouds, wouldn't have thought much if those lines didn't have angles and were straight... anyway, I don't have to see them to know there are some on and in our Earth, and everywhere else in the Universe...

Rami. hahahha Yea when i was Trippin Only

Angelia. Just last week, me and my 7 year old saw what looked like a drone, with very bright flashing lights, only maybe 30 feet away and about 40 feet in the air. I thought maybe a kid in the neighborhood at first, but then I saw an orb as I was pulling in my drive. I picked up my babysitter who was at home with my 4 yr old and we followed the orb. While following it, my sitter saw a small drone thing fall out of the bottom and take off. I was making a turn and took my eyes off of it so missed seeing it fall out but then we saw the orb about 10 miles away, dancing in the sky, while the two tiny things ascended way up and just hovered, still blinking. We watched for at least 20 minutes and then went home.

Jake. Yea. 2 red lights up high, a third one joins and they fly away at very high speed

Stefanie. Yes, I was driving down the highway in Detroit and something dropped really low and then hovered a second, and then shot away like a bullet. It was big and about 1/4 mile up. I know everyone else saw it too, because when it dropped, all the other people on the highway slammed on their brakes and then we all sat there on the highway for a couple seconds, and then we all started driving again. It was so weird.

Theis. Yees many for real

Max. Yes

Barbara. yes.

Natasha. I've seen 1, dint l0ok like much th0ugh

Bonnie. Yes

Pim. How can u tell that all those lights in the sky at night aren't ufo's???

Natasha. Pick up a chart 0f the c0nstilations n if u find anything in the sky that isn't 0n there uve g0t urself a unidentified flying 0bject

Patrick. All the time, most of them are military though.

Kelly. have you?

AJ. i wish... but sadly "no"

Ross. There's mine, don't have a clue what this was  (photo, didn't publish)

Stephen. I think I felt one come, and the beings were very near my tent. it was easy to tell, because their energy was high. and it vibrated with the atoms of my own body.. my own body and its' frequency heightened. it was so obvious, beautiful, and scary.

Stephen. I think it helps, if you walk barefoot on the bare earth for a long period of days.. then, meditate.. i think it somehow attracts them to you.

Spencer. We are the aliens to the rest of the universe

Martin. Yes. Several times...
And I have a record to probe it.

Alan. I saw a light in the sky which didn't seem to be any type of aircraft I'd seen before , the next moment it was gone ! What made me think it was a UFO was that moments later, two military fast jets appeared & converged on the place where this light had been !

Niuscha. yes i often saw something flying in the sky which i could not define what exactly it is.. UFO

Eitan. Many people treat UFOs as a kind of joke. It is very serious matter 
It's ridiculous to say we are alone in the whole huge universe.
To many people as me UFOs sights changed their whole life. It is not just "tell me, proof me. Wow ... etc." This kind of talk is for kindergarten. There are lot of thing beyond and so many thing government hide from us and don't let us know a bit of what they already forgot.
I presume there must be other physics which explain everything and all things sceptics say "it couldn't be". What that cannot be is that we are alone in universe.

Lesli. All the time.

Kelly. Thirty years ago

Jeffrey. Yes twice once so close i could see the detail of conduit underneath as it hovered about 30 feet above my head without making a sound that was in 1977 the second was in new Orleans in Dec of 13 , dozens of them flew over the city from south to north stopped traffic during rush hour funny the news didn't report it

Glenn. No

Eitan.  as I had a sight about 30 years ago (Kelly? Is it related?) I presume as huge as it was a whole city should know. So I think this was focused to me. Another dimension I was in or something like that. That's why I and maybe few people saw what I have seen. That what happened to you also?


Eitan. - to sad this was kind of joke in news. That is not simple to tell what you had seen since people may react you as insane. I have a problem like that and decided writing a book (right now about 40 pages, but it get harder and harder to reveal my story - I think everybody shall know with not being a kind of joke. Sad to say people don't really listen).

Kristiāns. Eitan Mizrahi i would like to read it.

Tjaša. Noop

Wes. Of course I have. There was this thing flying. I never figured out what the hell it was. Totally unidentified.

Mats. Everyone sees UFO's all the time.

Eitan.- I am writing. The book won't be done tomorrow or soon - that may take time.

Mario. Well I have seen moving objects (not planes), but that doesn't mean anything certainly, those may be satellites, etc. However I saw one crashing at a mountain when I was about 9 near Monterrey MX (near the US border in México), it maybe was a meteorite but at that age I though it was a ship, at the impact it kind of exploded (not with fire) and blasted "sparks" all over the place beneath, looked like a very hot thing, it was very far and never had the chance to go and explore the site for obvious reasons, and the "grown ups" never pay attention!!! So that stays in the mystery.

Jamie. I have

Jamie. Last august I was watching the blood moon from my roof with some people and saw a silent orange ball craft, flew down our street at a 2 story level and swung around to look at us before moving on

Jamie. I was so excited and mad it didn't abduct me,I want off this planet even if I get probed by aliens

Phill. yes, both terrestrial and extra

Joe. no flying object has ever identified itself to me its name. therefore all to me are unidentified flying objects...

Stephen. Yes

Bronwyn. Nope. But i've been in one

Reginald. I'm Black. No I haven't, and I've been clean for 15 years.

Carina. If you're asking if I've ever seen a flying object in the sky that I couldn't identify then: Yes. I have never seen the ufo that's depicted though. The one I saw looked more like:

Max. Yes, I have

Nancy. Yes, though not in the typical form that is usually depicted. Mostly strange lights, sometimes triangular objects, once a black "hulk" of an object. Many times over a couple of years, but the sightings gradually declined and then went away.

Tony. Several ; one exsperience it was less than 100 feet away at tree top level

Lisa. Once, in Florida.

A K.  never but would love to see.....

Donna.  No, but as a kid, I used to wish and pray and hope that aliens would come and take me away... I had heard of all the supposed alien abductions at time... I even remember sneaking out of my room in the middle of the night and standing outside hoping they would see me! They never did come though

Max. UFO's over Phoenix, Az dudes..

Étienne. Yeah, last night I saw multiple UFOs flying all around the place!

BEST UFO SIGHTINGS FEBRUARY 2015 ♥ ♥ Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera 

Published on Jan 28, 2015

+ BEST UFO SIGHTINGS FEBRUARY 2015 ♥ ♥ Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera ♥♥NEW♥♥♥♥♥♥
+ In this UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured for the very first time on, youtube/LookNowTV in Februaray, 2013. 

In this UFO video we see some of the most amazing UFOs. Thanks for watching! 

Special Thanks to youtube user "Teknoaxe" for the wonderful original music.