Monday, 12 January 2015

The Interdimensional Doorway - stories by Dennis, Lisa and Shar


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Lisa's doorway story in her own words

It would be very difficult to pin point the exact time and date when I was first aware of what is often expressed as the ‘ interdimensional doorway’, ‘ two-way 'tunnel', 'curtain of light' or ‘portal’ but it was sometime in the fall of 1999. While meditating one day on my pier, I became aware of a light mist which (appeared out of nowhere) slowly coming across the water toward me. As the mist came closer, I could barely make out a faint pink-red light, which appeared to radiate from within this mass. Normally, I would have fled the scene never to return, however I did not feel fear, in fact, I felt a weird sense of familiarity and connection with the light.

Since my first experience I have had many others, and since learned that this energy mass is a "doorway" that allows interdimensional travel between worlds. It is a means of transcending time and space.

During these experiences, I would take photos with my 35 mm camera and was amazed when I saw the first photos of the beautiful red and pink beams that surrounded me. Although, I could not clearly see the intensity of the light, which showed up on the photos, I was able to faintly make out the colors within this energy that exuded intelligence, warmth and unconditional love. I have used several other cameras and film to eliminate any doubt to the possibility of defects, but still I am able to capture these beautiful light beams. Sometimes, a symbol will appear in the photos, which I have interrupted as "The Tree Of Life". In my communication with these spiritual beings, I was told to study Kabbalah, (which I am now doing) and believe the symbol is their way of affirming my path.

The spiritual beings that I communicate with are very peaceful, protective and loving beings that have transformed my life. They have taught me how to find my true self and how to let go and reach out across the boundaries of "logic.’ How to feel more comfortable with information and wisdom that goes far beyond the linear and logic factors.

Since then, I have developed innate spiritual gifts, such as psychic communication and spiritual healing abilities, and share these precious gifts with others. Their message and my mission… to spread the message of Light, Truth, Wisdom and all who seek the light. I have helped many go on to become teachers and develop their own gifts from the masters. I still have a long way to go on my journey but I feel very loved and protected as they guide me...

Many Blessings, Lisa

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