Sunday, 3 January 2016

A word of explanation to this blog's readers...

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Hi there,

Thank you for finding your way here to "The People's Disclosure" blog.  Please accept my sincerest apologies for ignoring my 'Disclosure' email inbox for most of 2015. I found 30 letters there today when I returned and have started posting people's experiences again. 

I was called away to another urgent 'mission' involving two London children caught into a Satanic sexual abuse ring where their biological father is a cult leader... and pornographer (Hampstead London UK).   It was very heavy stuff, as well you might imagine. 

I really couldn't come and do the work on this blog as well as do the work of understanding the existence of Satanic child sexual abuse in the world... utterly dreadful.   

I felt the Arcturians remove themselves from me as soon as I started getting into the Hampstead stuff. Well... more along the lines of, 'the dark vibrations created by the energy of that material caused a separation between us.'  So I made the decision to leave this blog alone until such time as I felt a lot 'cleaner'. That time has come.

In the meantime, people have emailed me saying they've been having strange experiences and what should they do if this starts happening?  Following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote today addressing this query:

Tips and suggestions:  Just keep letting them (the Arcturians and other Sky Family members) know you are in the right space to be receiving their information, eg: when you're well-rested and you're feeling well, and when you're not scattered in your thinking with all kinds of distractions.  Just open your heart chakra and let them know you're available to be in service. 

I've done this at night in the past, just before sleep.  I just say, "Show me."  They use words very sparsely. They read our energies so we don't need to explain all manner of ins-and-outs to them. They can see us anyway. Just show your willingness, and that you're ready right now, in that moment. And be sincere about it... 

Arturians and i'm sure other Sky Family races don't understand 'the forked tongue' of the white man (as taught to us by the Magicians... more on them soon). The Arcturians are all about 'service', and as great scientists with an enormous understanding of the quantum field far beyond what humanity has discovered so far, they're into 'manipulating matter'  

By that I mean they can 'insert' a particular vibration into the current Earth resonant frequency, and then people start to be affected by this and become more Conscious. 

Arcurian and other off-worlder's 'help' would never be direct, eg: landing and taking certain people off-world, or 'saving' us by giving food to all the starving children of the world. This indeed breaks the 'prime directive' that Star Trek talks about, and which is indeed REAL... "Don't interfere with the development of the inhabitants on any plane of existence. It's up to all species/people/beings to find the path where causation and manifestation are seen for what they are."  (karma)

It's up to humanity to figure out their own path and to stand in Sovereignty. Unless humanity STANDS, we will never find our own authentic and True way of Being.  We have to STAND... not be looking for a saviour. 

Wanting to 'be saved' is humanity's biggest downfall. 'Salvation' is the most-used weapon aimed at humanity by the Black Babylonian Magicians who keep the world in illusion (secret societies, organized religion, conformist thinking, etc).  As soon as we seek 'salvation' from no-one else but ourselves, we ARE saved...  just by knowing we are our own saviours.

"Seek nothing outside of yourself." - Gautama Buddha

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