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Arcturian Hybrid, Viviane Chauvet. This woman is the real deal.

ARCTURIAN Hybrid Pt1 Viviane Chauvet

Published on Jun 12, 2014

Viviane Chauvet is an Arcturian hybrid, now 61% Arcturian. In part 1 she shares about how she was conceived, her birth, and how she is physically different than humans. The doctors have studied her for years and she explains why it is so difficult to be here. An intriguing multi-part story.


I checked out all four videos in Viviane's series last night... There really are so many phonies out there and I don't want to be adding material to this blog from people who are just having nice thoughts or feelings or impressions. You will rarely find any channelled material on this blog either... mainly experiences. And I screen for people who are trying to "attract a following". It needs to be the 'real deal'.

This woman (in my mind) stacks up. My own star family connection is with Arcturian. There are all kinds of things I am aware of from Arcturian instruction to me over the last 2.5 years. I was able to use this information to test out Viviane.

We always need to do this with so-called "leaders" in these circles of teaching. We must. Our Sky Families call us to be Sovereigns - Leaders from the heart in our own affairs. We must each connect to our hearts and follow our own inner wisdom. My wisdom may not be your wisdom. That's perfectly fine. There is room for all. We no longer live in a world of duality. All causes for conflict now cease. I allow you to BE. You allow me to BE. There is space for all.

Here are some notes I made last night as I listened to Viviane. These are sparks of wisdom-knowing about the Arcturians that I also know, as Viviane expresses here.

Note: I don't consider myself "Arcturian" although I may be, and I certainly don't think i'm a hybrid. eg: I have a very different physicality and skin color to Viviane. 

I simply consider that I "walk with Arcturi" - the Arcturian collective. I feel very honoured to be connected to them.

>>  Mind you... You will also feel that way about YOUR Star Family when you discover them, no matter who they be : )  Even dracos and reptilians have their charms... and we are all enlightening even further as we continue through the photon belt in our Universe as we are presently, even these so-called "lower" energies. ALL is coming into Light.  

btw. my father was most certainly of Draco. A most fearful and difficult man... an expansive man with a huge barrel chest and 30cm (12") long hands - base of palm to fingertip. His children were all highly emotionally damaged children. But he made us warriors. I have his earth-warrior genes - a part of the caste system of India with lineages into the British and Indian military. So to Universal Consciousness, i'm grateful for the hard up-bringing. I fear none and know I can bust bricks. Not a bad combination at this time in history.

Here are a number of points I picked out from the videos where Viviane's experience or knowing of the Arcturians is the same as mine. I never heard of this woman until yesterday:

  • I am not aging as fast. I have 54 Earth years. This is a recent photo (Oct 2014)

  • I also wondered why kids were so mean to each other
  • I knew by age 7 that I was an Eternal Being - I saw "her" in my eyes in a mirror at school one day. Nobody had to tell me anything. I just "knew". That was my Awakening, 1967.
  • I remembered parts of my last life growing up on a farm in Frisia, Netherlands when I was 3 or 4 years old.
  • I have memories looking at myself as a 6-month-old sitting in an old-style wicker push chair at the beach, in west coast New Zealand.  The spirit-particle is part in, part out in young babies.

  • Arcturian council of elders... Society is to the benefit of all... Yes. The 'group mind' but which does not absorb 'the individual'. Yes.
  • I deplore competition. I hate watching team sports. I did individual sport - long distance running which is a competition with yourself. This was comfortable for me.
  • My mother also prayed to God for a long time for me. She'd had a number of miscarriages. She considered me a very special child. I was also blessed by an indigenous man (Maori) as a child, who was a tohunga (shaman) and has connection with Pleiades - Matariki.
  • I am empathic also - I also feel people's energies and emotions. I can feel people through their writing online.
  • I communicate with only one main Arcturian male entity. He's my teacher and contact. I feel he speaks for the group mind.
  • He is 7-8 foot tall (2.5m) with rays of light coming out from his heart centre. The visible extent of his rays, vibrates out to around 10 foot tall (3m) in height and 2-3 foot (0.5-1m) all around him.
  • The Arcturians I communicate with are 7th, 8th, 9th Dimensional Beings. Mainly 7th. You can't see 9th at all. They can't come through to this dense plane. I'm sure there's 5th dimensional ones too like Viviane says, who would be able to impregnate a 3-4D human woman. Note: the fourth dimension includes Time + 3Ds of Height, Width, Length. Beings like my 7-9D's wouldn't be able to achieve this sort of copulation, because they are Light only. They bring their babies in through the Etheric - by Thought. 
  • Yes, Thought creates EVERYTHING!
  • Arcturians still experience orgasm with each other, but they use different vehicles to achieve this state, not the body. I think (from what i'm being told) is that this is far greater, longer and in greater pure intensity as One within Consciousness (the true purpose) it's a far greater experience than what we achieve here in body-form. If these 7D+ tried to copulate with Earth humans, They would simply fall through us. Our forms are incompatible. We are too dense. 

Note: It's a pity about the music overshadowing what Viviane says at the end of these videos. Also, in video 2, I found the golden rays really jarring and incongruent... The rays (if any) I feel needed to be multidimensional blue-white-indigo-deep purple... just like the lapis lazuli that Viviene wears around her neck.

  • Yes... You simply resonate a frequency and your world shifts... "The Shift".
  • "How does it feel for you." Correct. Arcturians don't want followers. That was one of the things I was looking for in this lady... Is she trying to recruit followers? The answer: No, she's not.
  • ... blue portal... blue light. Right.
  • Energy-signature. Yes. She says 'lighter'. For me, I would say 'warmer' - not temperature, but warmth of friendship and acceptance.
  • Free will choice. Respect wherever people are on the path. Yes.
  • Yes. She genuinely stopped for communication. That wasn't 'put on'.
  • Community-based. Definitely. For the highest good of all.
  • We are Awakening from the competition, money-driven illusion. Yes.
  • We ARE amazing. We ARE Gods !! Seriously. Yes!
  • We Are Creating ALL THE TIME !! 
  • Community that utilises everybody's gifts. Yes.
  • I'm also moving into public life this year. I'm getting the nudge... readings, healing, channelling...
  • "We". Yes. "Arcturi" is the group.
  • We ARE Frequency and Energy.

I feel the interviewer slipped out of The NOW and didn't actually get what Viviane was meaning about "the community right here with the three of us in this room".  Interesting.  They had built A Community... the three of them... and it took up the Entire Universe in that series of Now moments of BEing in the video. The Energy shifted quite dramatically when the interviewer referred to "the past" which is never real - it's only a mental projection of what we thought it was. There is only NOW  : )   

I really appreciate the way Viviane keeps acknowledging and saying 'Yes' when the interviewers re-translate what she's said in their own (different) words.

She just says "Yes". You have it. Because they DO have it according to THEIR understanding. We ALL have understanding. It's just that my understanding might be different to yours... and both are 100% correct. 

  • Yes. They will come and walk amongst us in our lifetime. I've seen this too. 
  • "When you're Fearless, you're Free." That's been my walk to learn this too.
  • Great confirmation for me at the end of this June 2014 video... "The darker energies won't be able to appear to people anymore..."  The build-up to this happened by 2012, and since then, we have gone past the 'tipping point'. The vibration around the planet has changed. Only Light Beings will be able to come to people now, predominantly by far. The time of fearing is over.

Also... a final note from video 2 I think it was. Viviane used the word "recalibrated". This is also the word I used in my article November 2012.  This is what I was told while on board the Arcturian Light Ship - the Command Ship in my dream. I was aware there were some 9th dimensional 'elders', wisdom-keepers on the ship. The 'commanders'. I never saw or felt them. I was just aware they were there.

"All of these Light Ships of hundreds of races are here to observe. It would seem that intervention and assistance is not going to be necessary in the days to come. The planet is going to be able to right Herself and Her Own energies when the right moment is arrived at.

"I was told that the "mechanics" of the planet had been repaired and pre-set, by all of these visitors and onlookers, right on the cusp (like at the edge of a tooth of a cog) of where Mother Earth's self-repair would occur.

"Everything was pre-set as if on a timer, a 'trip wire', and everything that needed to be done from now on... ?? Mother Earth would be able to do it all for Herself.

All that would be needed was a particular series of energetic events and then all of these "pre-sets" would simply "click over". Much work had been done to re-calibrate Mother Earth and make her ready for that moment.

"In that instant, the whole "game" here on planet Earth would change. In an instant."

- by BronnyNZ.  November 16, 2012


  1. I wish I could write her. I'm not like her but my soul is an Arcturian starseed, watching the interview I felt her light and sincerity. The funny thing is that I have the same face shape as her, there are things that don't change when in the body, I could have had smaller shoulder bone structures too but my mom made me do swimming so they developed.

    I loved this post and will check some more of the blog later. Many blessings.

    1. Brilliant VeganStarSeed. Thank you for your confirmation in this personal story, that humanity has indeed been touched by off-worlders : )