Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Flying with a benevolent alien - 10 year old boy reports


When I was very young, perhaps 9 or 10, I vividly remember a visitation I had by a kind, benevolent being that took me by the hand, lifted me up, and took me for a short flight over the surrounding neighborhood. The being talked to me lovingly and told me that I was wonderfully made and had a special purpose in life. 

Yes. I've had dreams before and since, but never like that. I remember it as if it were yesterday. 

At times in my life when the channels were clear, I remember having the feeling of being out of my body or of having this energy to heal others with my words or even my touch at times. I read incessantly about the alliance, the cabal, ancient alien archaeology, etc. 

I'm now 63 and have had a fantastic life, but find myself burdened by the realities of present day life. Money, family, etc, seem to occupy my days and thoughts. Yet, there remains this overwhelming desire to write my story and thoughts. 

Am I just a deluded retired school teacher or am I being called to do my part? I talk so much about the subject of aliens, the cabal, etc, and find so many who are interested and believe, but feel no sense of urgency as I do. Your thoughts are appreciated.

- BJ


Please DO write your stories BJ. Many readers coming to this blog would be very interested in hearing them.  May I suggest that you write your experiences in parts... a bit like Dickens' Pickwick Papers stories. I'm sure you can provide 'cliff-hangers'. That could be fun. I am happy to publish your stories here (the copyright belongs to you), and may I suggest "Lean Pub" for authors?  : )

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