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Andromedan Contact since 1996 near the Yalta coast of the Black Sea

From the Russian website:  "The dawn of the 21st century"


Andromeda ET civilization has long been cooperating with the Hierarchy of the Earth Shambhala in matters related to the evolution and prospects of the development of mankind of the Earth. Now representatives are almost constantly stay on the planet and participate in numerous local energy cleansing expanse of land, as well as periodic cleaning operations of the global Earth Aura emanations from the rough energy accumulated at the poles. They have an energy and "physical" body of non-protein substrate. They are older than the Earth's human civilization, a common age is 18 million years old, 10-12 billion earth years.

Outwardly, they look like the best representatives of the people, with beautiful (albeit severe) facial features, height from 2 - 2.5 meters - and slender figure, with long thin arms wrists, having five more long and graceful than us and fingers. Among them are the brown-eyed, but for the most part they are blue-eyed, with almond-shaped, slightly oblong-shaped eyes with dark lashes and thin, arched eyebrows.

Upon meeting the most attract attention and impress with their inexpressible depth is extremely expressive eyes, having a very clear drawing segmental iris, which can not be found in any of earthling. Person as the whole body, white and seemingly slightly tanned, with light or bronze - in women long, and men korotkostrizhennymi - hair on the proportional size of the head.

AndromedyaneOdety a shirtwaist dress in bright and plain colors. By the way, the appearance of each robot is modeled personal computer, which is fully picks up not only the type of hairstyle, but also clothes, most emphasize the individuality of each "andromedyanina" at any point in his life. In contact come willingly, very friendly, unobtrusive and welcoming.

Here I would like to point out that, referring to the Andromedans, I do not mean all civilizations inhabiting the spiral galaxies, known to us under the name of "Andromeda" and there are many millions of planets. In a sense, this Galaxy Mind lives on its own system of rules that allow its residents to develop unique to them lessons dormitory space and coexistence.

Beings with whom I met during one of his trips out of body belong to the system which is in the middle of the galactic spiral. Their system has two stars, one of which - red - is in the process of extinction, and the second - Alamak - radiates warm light purple spectrum is not as bright as our sun.

Alamak revolve around stars five planets, of which only the first inhabited by humanoids, and the second and third in a lot of different cultural and grown ornamental plants, as well as in vivo animal world develops; on the fourth planet climate and vegetation is worse and poorer, so they have to use artificial climate; fifth planet from Star Alamak completely deserted and is not suitable for the existence of life on it because of the low temperatures, so it is used exclusively for business and research needs.

Fading stars revolve around the four planets, of which the second orbit intersects the orbit of the planet's living humanoids, which allows it to receive additional radiation dose purple stars. Climate on it perfectly acceptable for living, so it is partly used for the organization of the "winter" recreation and for research purposes; on the remaining three planets of the Red Star of Life is not.

They live in families of individual buildings comfortable, quite different from the usual for us home and looks something resembling a separately located in Space honeycomb of bees, although they describe the reality for me is extremely difficult. It is enough to say that it is not like any one reality of the earthly world, has at least a little, but still constancy. While in the house, we know where everything is and where it's worth, and if necessary, we can come to this place and take what we need.

At the same Andrometyan it looks quite different. If you are indoors, it is constantly changing, not only in scale but also in form. If I compared their homes with bee honeycombs, it is only because this was my very first impression when I first got into their reality. In fact, accurate, strictly prescribed form here has nothing.

Surrounding reality is changing every moment and it just was not in the beginning to get used to, but over time (which is also impossible to feel) I was able to adapt himself his consciousness so as to ignore the continuous external changes, and to focus their attention only on only their internal feelings. Because the landscape around me changed in strict accordance with my inner emotional state.

Many times I visited various astral Worlds Earth, but what happened to me on a visit at andrometyan, pales in comparison with what has already tested by me. This is a completely abstract world and the reality there is subject to quite different laws that human consciousness is difficult yet to "digest", and even more so - to describe. Yet there exists the world of consciousness, where it is possible to simultaneously meet representatives of various cosmic civilizations with different levels of consciousness.

Continuing his description of the life andrometyan, I note that, unlike us, they have the problem of "unrequited love" does not exist, as each inhabitant there the quite accurately - on the resonance principle - find a life partner, that best suits him for all individual characteristics. Each of the two loving creatures gives another and to their children the best of everything that has its soul, so such thing as a divorce, they do not exist.

Although they have a highly developed science and a very high technical level, but this does not prevent them to pay great attention to their spiritual development, the level of which determines almost everything here, as it increases with increasing not only access to a higher sphere of knowledge and the Outer Banks of Information, but also the ability of each to possess various kinds of energy.


Could not see here any other characters except the cross. Not only domes of numerous temples, but also a sphere-like roof of the individual "cell" of housing on top fitted with beautiful high crosses, not performing a purely symbolic, as we do, the role and act as narrowly focused radars and energy transmitter high spiritual vibrations. Such generators of high-frequency vibrations that act as stabilizers energoochistiteley and Energy, could be found everywhere, where I brought my "guides".

The force of gravity they are much less than we do, which led to their growth, and methods of movement - quick and easy "flying", or rather, as if simply moving at quite large distances - 20-30 meters at a "by-the order jump ". But it does not look the way we see the movement of the astronauts on the moon: although smooth, but still a very long and awkward. They just completely unnoticed move to the target depending on the need: can very quickly, and can slowly, slowly.

If there is a need for further and rapid movement in space, it uses a very compact devices, in the form of a brilliant player, attached by a strap at the side of each humanoid - this is the individual aircraft means working with the application of an instantaneous change in frequency and the individual overcome the force gravity. With such a device can instantly move in space anywhere in the world or even on any of the planets of both stars. By the same conventional levitation - focused fly in "air" - can all since birth.

The materialization of any ideas, forms or any tangible, animate and reasonable substance is one of the most common object of their astral science. To enter and exit from different space-time dimensions, they are the so-called "Vibrating frequency modifications" to the extent necessary able to condense astral substance or do it like visible or invisible light with unlimited penetration Consciousness humanoid with the body, and even with a spacecraft through any type of matter, whether solid, liquid or gaseous media . So do not be surprised much of their unlimited opportunities to enter into full connection with any person and merge with Our astral bodies.

Within the Space-Time of the planet is working very actively so-called "Commonwealth Van Allen." Humanoids from several cosmic civilizations working on this artificially created near the Earth - as opposed to the thin material laboratories antiques - astral structure, maintain the energy balance of our planet by spreading the elements necessary for the development of existential and organize the beginning of life on Earth in all its manifold forms .

With them I was able to enter into telepathic contact more distant summer of 1996, during one of their 16-shuttle vehicles, researchers conduct their research over the Yalta coast of the Black Sea. Progressive connection of the lower plane of Earth vibration new, higher level, some time must be delivered to people who have their predominance in the lower astral body vibrations, some concern, both physical and mental disabilities.

Increased frequency of vibration magnitudes-carriers psychophysical energy structures of the subjects themselves, these values forcible change, which leads to increased absorption capacity of the higher frequency, and hence the more spiritual types of energy. It must necessarily have a positive impact on improving the overall level of consciousness of the people.

They again asked to draw people's attention to this fact, because to survive in a new vibration compaction of Space-Time Earth people with a low level of spirituality will become more and more difficult to sustain as inexorably approaching, hard test for all mankind, because of the increasing dissonance between internal and external energy structures, will only be possible for people of high moral and highly spiritual. Any act of violence or irritation to create space around them is very dangerous mental stress, a harmful effect, especially on the very source of these mentally negative vibrations.

In addition, as reported to me by representatives of the "Commonwealth", our planet has a powerful self-cleaning system from certain types of destructive energies, in order to prevent accumulation in certain areas of Space-Time planet certain negative forces seeking to disrupt the overall balance and endanger the existence of the Earth as a living cosmic entity level spiritual values of all humanity.

We must realize that their messengers in the world can not hide the truth or soften the harsh prospect that at any moment on our planet can be filled with something, so what detailed in the Apocalypse of John the Theologian and the third message of Our Lady of Fatima where humanity was offered a real way of salvation for our fallen Shower, poisoned material illusion and animal instincts. Sun consciousness that created our entire solar system with its inhabitants and the Worlds, has decided to step in and change everything that the human mind is ignorant arranged on Earth in his boundless egotism, violating the Creative His Law.


Additional knowledge of spiritual values, which we tried to carry you through our books, you need to learn as much as possible the number of people - on the eve of the upcoming grand world events - the power to accurately distinguish positive from the power of the demonic, corrupting consciousness. Experimentation and learning about the binary values of measurements - Space-Time, Spirit-Matter, Life, Death, etc., etc. - Will have to help you fully understand what is useful and what is detrimental to your existence as a self-developing Divine Spark of Reason.

But back to our humanoids. Light is the real structure of the organism "andrometyan", the main constituent element determining the whole variety of them truly incomprehensible for us to deliberate impact on organic and inorganic matter. Light is also the primary existential value of their measurement, through which they can perform any operations with any animate substance, with any mental or astral dynamism.

The light in the same way subject to them, as we is subject to the clay from which we can sculpt any, is needed shape. They believe that the first signs by which recognizable creating man is his ability to creatively and constructively to control the light. Their power is the creation of the energy structure of any shape and any - both physical and dynamic - type. We are also the result of one of them, together with other civilizations, development, one of the forms attached ozhivotvorёnnoy, intelligent and self-replicating substance.

Communicating with these humanoids involuntarily understand that in practice means a perfect union of the "I" and lower "I" of the Supreme. But such a harmonious combination of two complementary principles in man can only take place when the "I" has already reached the lowest in its development vibrations needed Higher "I" for entry into full contact, in which there is a general resonance effect of human consciousness. This is what we understand by the term "Hristofikatsiya Consciousness", or the Divine Spirit connection with human nature. I could see firsthand "andrometyane" has long reached this level.

Of the specialties they have many that the world simply does not exist yet, as they relate to the knowledge of the cosmos and creativity to a level that our consciousness is connected only with the divine activity. For example, the immense popularity they enjoy science, holography allows to produce any - as living and nonliving - the object at such a high "realistic" level, which creates objects, absolutely nothing functionally and looks no different from a living original, but with the by his invulnerability, they have much higher realizable opportunities.

They can be invisibly among us virtually at any time when they find it necessary, just as they can on their own or need to do for us is completely visible and tangible for all of our physical senses. Many of the phenomena that our scientists, despite their obviously can not explain myself, descended from them - this is done on purpose in order to encourage us to ask ourselves questions, reflect on them, make conclusions for themselves and determine the answers.

On Earth, they have consciously programmable employees, as well as those that are programmed unconsciously, and their activity, no matter how different kinds of it, is to show the possibilities duhovnorazvitogo person consciously influence the coarse and fine matter energy plans of the Earth. Their operators are incarnated in human form and act on the planet with a very definite educational purpose, get their programs through various channels of telepathic communication from their individual presenters.

These highly embodied consciousness is quite aware of themselves as people, but at the same time and subconsciously realize who they really are acutely aware that it is not fully belong to this terrestrial world. They know that incarnated in human form earthlings consciously and voluntarily recognize the difficulties of the earth life await them and know that they have a high spiritual means to overcome these difficulties: consciousness dynamisms useful to translate into positive negative pulses or, as is customary in we are called evil - for good.

Usually, their consciousness is in harmonic connection with universal values. These messengers embodied spirit is quite aware that they can, if necessary, it is easy to reach the knowledge of their parallel lives and to project this knowledge on the mental plane of his human existence.

- by Dawn of the 21st Century, Russian Federation

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