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Dr Suzanne Lie confirms spherical Light Ships & 7D+ body forms -Ref Bronny NZ's experience below...

The Art of Dreaming: The Arcturians: Who Are They? -- Dr. Suzanne Lie Interview

Published on Nov 26, 2012

Michael Hemmingson talks to Dr. Suzanne Lie, author of The Arcturian Corridor, about the Arcturian ETs, who they are, what their agenda and message is. Dr. Lie channels the Arctruians in the last half hour, where the Arcturians tells Hemmingson they will visit him in the dream realm, which they did.

1:15:00  Bronny NZ says: I'm not much into the channelling... particularly when Suzanne says: "Let me get into character." :-/ ie: I'm not convinced. I thought the rest of Suzanne's interview was spot-on however. From my dealings with Arcturians, they don't speak. So coming into verbal communication is not only difficult, it's clumsy. The Arcturi (plural = collective) communicate telepathically and the thoughts are extremely fast, as Suzanne said earlier in the interview... And when they reply (from my past experiences), they do so very succinctly - with very few words. Many times, they reply with one word only.

Therefore: I suspect this is indeed a "character" that Suzanne puts on - like a cloak. But don't let that put you off... There is good stuff in there - but also, please don't be under the illusion that what Suzanne is doing is a direct in-body channelling in the way that Barbara Marciniak channels the Pleiadian collective.

I don't think what Suzanne is doing is a channelling per se, as much as a "translation" of Arcturian thought symbols filtering through her mind - which she then has to put into words for people to understand - for the purposes of a "talk" radio show. In other words, "Arcturian" and "words" or "speech" are not synonymous... so indeed, there is an art-form in what Suzanne brings : )

On a personal note: Today, this morning, right now... during the radio show (just to show how even the 'imperfect' can be used for perfect purposes) ... I asked the Arcturians what Their name for me is. I noticed they call Suzanne "Suzelle". I've never been comfortable with the name "Bronwyn". It's always felt false... And I was told the name they call me !! Omgosh !! That's amazing. The Arcturian Sky Family dropped it into my mind, in a Flash-thought - because the exchange of thoughts IS very fast. I didn't have to search for the name. It was there in the micro-second after I asked. And I was surprised, and not surprised at my name: "Ramallah" = Mountain of God (Wiki). I now know at least the location of the town I was living in, in one of my past lives in the Middle East, during the time of the Crusades. Perfect : ) Thank you my Beloveds. <3

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~ Ramallah

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