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Barbara Marciniak Pleiadian Collective. May 3, 2014. Transcript.

PLEIADIAN PROPHECY - The Great Changeover 2013 - 2027

Published on Mar 16, 2014
by Golden Ascension

The Pleiadians predict the future from 2013 to 2027, channeled by Barbara Marciniak 03/17/13. The Anunnaki, chemtrails, autism, and other topics are also discussed.  Barbara Marciniak is author of "Bringers of the Dawn".

These are the highlights from the video presentation:

0:30   We humans have come to Earth to remember who we are

1:00  The Pleiadians have returned in time because a tyranny arose on Earth - basically cyborgs.

3:30  We are considered to be your ancestors.

4:20  We do not represent the whole Pleiadian race

5:00  Black holes are entry points in and out of various versions of reality

5:20  We have come back in time to help you build the "nano" - to build a probability to ameliorate the tyranny. We have succeeded. The tyranny is still there.  You are in a parallel world next to the tyranny world. You will see some aspects of the tyranny - the desire to turn humanity into cyborgs - you are in the splitting of the worlds, the version of the world that is invested in the flowing of consciousness.

6:30  It is important to understand that worlds split... you can be in many worlds at once.  "Probabilities" as seen in quantum physics - thought influencing outcome.  Reality operates in the mind of the maker as energy.  You and physical and you are energy.

7:15 The more grounded you become, the more solid you build your energy field, the stronger the flowering will be.  When you are not grounded, you cannot understand yourselves as energy.

9:05  The nano continued from 1987-2012.  It was planned acceleration.

9:40  You are a strong race.  You have all come in to carry out a certain purpose.  You have been programmed.  You are mostly concerned with the base chakra of "survival" and "safety".

11:10  We are Co-creating with you.  If you learn to direct your consciousness by communicating with the field of energy to shape reality - but quickly and quietly - the stronger you will become.

12:25  Even though you live in a linear reality, you are multidimensionally connected. You have more insight, intuitions, premonition, hunches - these are all indicators that you are breaking out of linear time.

13:45  Imagine what you can do if you set your intentions to the flowering of consciiousness to empower all people.

14:20  You are consciousness.  You are Conscious Being.  It is your duty to watch this grow into magnanimous proportions.

14:40  Be grounded.  When you are grounded, you will not fry.  Being in a simple way of being - throw off the fear. We are helping you to build this new era. We are here to help you.

16:05  Utilize the energy we bring you.

17:10  One of the purposes is to help you realize that thought creates reality. Another purpose of the nano was to prepare you to meet your cosmic cousins and family, and this is inevitable.

18:25  Zecharia Sitchin and Michael Tellinger from South Africa have now opened up things the power elite were trying to hide from you.

19:20  People in secret societies would have been privy to the information that off world families - ETs, Anunnaki - had returned.

20:35  Technologies have been given to you to help your industrial progress.

21:30  The General Petraeus story was an "end of the nano" story.  Petraeus was set up to be moved out (24:10)

22:10  Sex is the seducer - it's how you've been weakened over time.  The Anunnaki are highly incestuous.

23:20  The Germans are the descendants of the German giants... The Nephilim.  They started mixing the DNA.

24:30  These beings came through a star gate.  There are many star gates around the Earth.

25:30  Watch out for people who know too much but then get retired, or end up with Alzheimers.

26:15  You have been genetically arranged to be dulled down.  You are vulnerable because you are believers. If you have a premonition if there's something else going on...  Ask !!

27:20  You can search on the Internet...  but you can also wander on the Inner-net.

28:10  The chemtrails will affect you to the extent to which you have weakness.

29:00  Chemtrails block out the vitality from the Sun - this is communication that is taken into the pineal gland. Fluoride is also an attack on the pineal gland. Their time is over.  Their time is over. The time of the controlling Beings will be over. Manipulation does not outwin Benevolence. In the end, the Multiverse supports the Ultimate Goodness. Get excellent rest, quiet rest.  To return you to nature and to slow down.

30:45  The alternative healers will find ways to help you strengthen your immune system. You are strong and resilient. The toxicities in your world must be dealt with.

32:30  Children with autism or cognitive brain problems...  It's about the same issue at the other end - Alzheimers which is a form of dementia.  If we sit back and look at it, it's hard to arrive to Earth with a healthy body and it's hard to get out cleanly as well.  Motherhood is one of the most sacred states there is.

33:55  Some of the Anunnakis want to change the entry process.  They want to breed the humanity out of you.  What they are born into is the electronic [gates].  They began to disrupt the signals along the nervous system.  - having wireless signals all around...  All of this is bombarding the foetus.  So you will see a lot of illness as people start realising, "We can't do this to ourselves".  (36:15)

35:15  You are so powerful that the elites have to contrive all these things to upset you.

36:50  We are moving into the "New Era".  It is a Flowering of Consciousness. The New Era began right after the nano ended, on December 22, 2012. From 2013-2027 is the change-over time. From 2013-2017 is going to be very intense. This is the real deceleration-slow down. You are in the window of possible Earth changes - the Uranus-Pluto squares...  Fire and Earth...  Volcanic release, Earth changes release.  The phase from 2017-2027 will be looking at Consciousness.  We will be working on a new constitution for humanity.

39:25  There will be a new economic shift.  There is an energy of creativity that will brush off the plans of the controllers.  New systems will arise out of this.  It will be more humanitarian, more local. The financial tumult will blow up in the final part of 2014...  but it's not the biggest of your problems.

41:00  You have a sturdiness of "It will all work out." Your attitude is really important. Send out an optimistic attitude - then you feed the Field with optimism on a consistent basis and the Field conforms to what you're consistently putting out.

43:20  The demon entities love to see torture.  That's how you know the demons.

44:00  When you laugh you strengthen the Energy Field.

44:20  This missing component in building the New Era, is that more and more people must be psychically aware so that you can read the difference between deceit and deception, and artifice and Truth.  In the sorting out changing period, there will be a "What's going to work, what's going to happen?"  Every time something falls, the psychic abilities will arise.  You have to decide, "Who is the snake in the grass?"

46:00  There's parts of you that knows months in advance what is going to happen. The Uranus-Plato square will shake up the Earth, shake up the Earth's systems and realities, it will shake loose in you what has been blocked.  You have to wake up to the Truth.

48:00  Big financial shake-up.  Less money more innovation, more creativity. There will be less on the shelves and more available for nutrition and deliciousness. Everything will become simpler. You are moving back to a simple time. The speed-up was necessary to create a short period of time where Consciousness had to push itself to evolve very, very quickly...  Much more aware. That victory is set. Now you will ride those energies, you will ride them.  Uranus will help people find their talents and through Pluto will come the systems for facilitation of these.

49:30  Heaven:  Religion was set up for you to manage the planet. They manage and limit you. They keep Heaven as an enticement, as an idea.  Religion was given as a custodial mechanism. When you die you go into various dimensions of realities. Beings that love you will come and find you - if you set it up that way. You may have never known these Beings physically. Lost souls can be drawn to higher vibrational space... then other beings can come and lift them out.

53:00  Aim to meet Beings on the other side who know the ropes and who can help you.  Make a decision in this moment that you have nothing to fear when you die. In the privacy of your agreement "I will go fearlessly into the Long Good Night and that loved ones await me and a new adventure awaits me."

54:30  The controllers want you to be afraid of death.  Make an agreement about your death...  Where and how you die.  "When it is my time to terminate this experience in this physical body...  I want the easiest of exit plans..."  By putting this plan out there, you will be ready to exit this space.  You can bring your consciousness with you. Make an agreement. In the New Era, there will be changes to elp people die in a cleaner way.

57:15  Where are the "safe places"?  When you want to find a safe place, you bring it with you. People have different technologies to find this place. People need to think about community, water, send out seeds of love, nourishment into higher consciousness, that food can be grown. Food will become a priority everywhere. Food will not be moved around as much.

59:40  Free Energy devices:  From 2012-2017 we are in a hugely innovative time - back yard tinkerers. Good forces are sending you the technologies. The money invested in fossil fuels - they do not want to lose this grid. Wind and solar are not "free energy".  The bird songs wake up nature. We need them. Some of the discoveries are not going to be high tech. The rural areas will find solutions that are very simple.  The foothold will arrive in 2028.

1:03:30  In the meantime, you will find out who the crooks are and who's not, you will find temporary technological solutions, you will be having more contact with ET.

1:04:45  Dare to put it out there.  Shape the world you want to be in with your thoughts.

1:05:15  You are in depopulation. In a faster moving society, people are no longer able to fall pregnant easily.  It now costs $100,000 to help you do something that has always been for free. Students have taken on debts that their parents would normally have accumulated over a lifetime.  People are rising up and are finding solutions to all things that will work.

1:08:15  The globalists recognized there would not be enough food for the rising population. In order for the nano to be successful, it needed a lot of people on the planet. Social programs will disappear. We need to produce legitimate types of work. Lots of people are dying and leaving. The controllers have tried to depopulate. They do not want planetary destruction - it's too hard to put it back together. Many nuclear plans have stopped. ETs have helped us skirt a lot of nuclear detonations.  By 2028, you'll have a few billion people less, naturally. I will be more difficult to raise children unless you are part of a strong community.

1:13:00  DUMBS and compounds on the moon.  The elites anticipate some big problems. The Soviets focussed on the telepathic skills that are innate in people. They began to train remote viewers. They viewed many futures but often foretell a time in history where there would be some kind of cataclysm on the Earth. There have been battles on the moon. Many people have been chased off the moon. There are complete, very large structures on the moon. Stanford University continued studies in remote viewing that focussed on looking at activities on the moon and into the inner Earth. Mars had a high level of civilization. The Anunnaki really "mucked up".

1:18:45  Trust yourself.  Put the trust in being guided at the right time in the right way, to help you make the best decisions.  Believe in yourselves.

1L19:30  Thoughts create...  So create the very best.

It's been our pleasure.  Good evening.

-  The Pleiadian Collective.  Barbara Marciniak.



  1. The Pleiadian's were also war mongering bastards, so do not trust any of them if they were as they claim than they could put a stop to the wickedness on this planet, it is all ball shit.

    1. You seem to have some historic knowledge Ian. Please share further. Intervention? Consider 'The Prime Directive'. Thanks.

  2. Hi there!
    I recently came to know that i happen to be a Starseed Pleiadian & i wanna get in touch with people who are pleiadians too. I mediate everyday. How can i come in touch with em?

    1. Hi there Ricky. I would say you are 'in touch' already :) I think the words attributed to Jesus are universal - Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened to you... Just let your Pleaidean friends know you are 'ready'. If you have a conscious experience with them, it will be great to hear what happened. Much love...

    2. Hi. In October 1993 I had an out of body experience to a front row seat looking down upon the earth in all of its breath taking glory. Then an orgasmic green beam of light went through me and was "told" I have a "doorway" to the universe and I have control of it, especially thru drugs and that they will be back. In years to come had 3 or 4 more contacts, once with an energy that had flames for eyes. I turned 40 and now am able to create a portal of sorts, especially while dancing at music festivals ie burning man. Had no idea these were related but it appears that they are... with knowledge of my true reason for being i feel energized, ecstatic and unstoppable. Thank you for wisdom and willingness to spread it. I have thought for so many years I was crazy and unrelatable, now I just know I'm special and its time to get to work manipulating vibrations. So grateful to know I'm not alone, and it feels great to write about it all. Much love

    3. I wonder how much of my dream you recognise as being similar to your experience?