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Bronwyn Llewellyn - On board an Arcturian Light Ship, Nov 2012

An experience... by Bronny NZ

I was a sceptic and unbeliever generally of UFOs and alien contactees. And then one night... I was contacted.

I had been open to such things, but i'd never really been a 100% believer. I'd only lend 1/2 an ear to channelled messages and the like. The information was interesting, but basically the product of over-active imaginations, I thought. And then "something" happened.

A 'shift' took place two days previously (14 Nov 2012) when I was reading the article now posted on my blog "Co-creating Our New Earth" entitled, "Slavery and the Eight Veils". I mentally 'checked off' Veils 1-4 very easily. Veil 5 presented a challenge to me to accept 'interstellar communications', ie: that there might be someone out there with whom to communicate !!! Something in me opened. I made a conscious decision that this could be possible. This following experience might be the result of being less resistant, since reading the "Veils" article. I subsequently did quite a lot of research about this off-world family, some of which you will find below. I found out on a few of the sites linked here that people most usually go to the Arcturian ships during their sleep time. This seemed to fit fairly well for what happened to me.

Dream: Arcturian Light Ship.

Mother Earth's transition: "Imminent"

In my dream, I was watching a YouTube video. It was fairly innocuous. It featured one particular UFO space craft. The difference with this video was that it was not taken from an Earth perspective. It was footage taken in space, from one of the NASA satellites, from the ISS or "Hubble" or from one of the 'Stereo Ahead or Behind' platforms.

In my dream, I 'heard' a voice behind me from the empty room, "Take note of this video... this is 'the one'."

I looked closer at the video but could see nothing special. I then clicked through a number of other UFO vids from an outer space perspective, and then realised how the one i'd been referred to (by the voice) was a 'key' that helped make the other UFO vids make sense.

The video was of a line of white glowing spheres that looked like they were held together as one long horizontal craft. The craft appeared to be moving slowly and purposefully towards planet Earth. (similar sphere images below)



           More spheres...

Suddenly and unexpectedly, I found myself standing on one of the 'viewing platforms' of this very same craft looking out into dark space. I was looking at Earth some 50,000 miles in front of us. It all felt very natural at the time. I didn't question it. The sphere I was inside of was one of 5 identical spheres all joined together, huge and glowing white in the darkness of space. I looked out to the right and could see 3 spheres to my right, and one to the left. I must have been in the sphere second from the left. I had thought from the video that the spheres were in a straight line. But evidently, they were joined together in a slight arc facing forwards, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see the 3 spheres to the right.

I later estimated the diameter of each sphere to be around 30 meters or around 40 yards. They were huge. I remained in the viewing platform for the entirety of my dream. There was one Being who remained with me the whole time. He seemed to have a masculine energy. He felt like the same invisible Being who had stood behind me earlier in my dream, when I was viewing the videos on YouTube. Throughout the dream, we communicated telepathically. He initially stood behind me as I looked out into space, then later in the dream, we stood around 4-5 meters (5 yards) from each other, facing each other. So I was able to see his form and the form of others on this Light Ship. The other Beings (all of the same form) remained in the periphery of my awareness. I never had any direct contact with any of the others. They were present, but as if "not required" to be a part of this contact. I did not receive any thought pictures or verbal telepathic communication from any of them beyond a muted "I see you" awareness. It was quite simply me and my contact.

I requested additional information straight after I woke up which I wrote into my dream notebook. The dream itself and the 'responses' that came into my mind when I woke fits perfectly with what I read over the following two days in my research. This was such a confirmation, I had to admit that the "dream" might in fact be REAL !!


Back to the dream: There was planet Earth hanging in space in front of the craft. The thing I really noticed about Earth was that she was shining luminously with a very wide blue-white glow all around her of over 1,000 kilometres !! It was as though she was shining with an inner energy that was her own. In that moment I realised, "The Earth is Alive!" I had never quite believed this before. I thought all of those old stories about Papatuanuku and Gaia were just that - "stories", until I saw the presence and essence of our planet's aliveness in this dream.

"The Mother is living !! She IS alive !! She IS a sentient energy."

"Wow... Ok. That's a game-changer. What if everyone had this awareness?" I thought to myself.

The 'aura' around the earth was very thick (much thicker than in this image) like a radiant, energy-filled mist. It took me by surprise how vibrant and alive our Mother Earth is !!

"She is actually a Living Being !!" I said to myself, still with dawning recognition running through me.

I looked..... And marvelled.....

As I stood there in wonder on the Viewing Deck, I saw many hundreds of other light ships of all different kinds, holding positions at around the distance from the Earth that we were also sitting at, in space. I perceived that many races had come here to observe the Earth at this time. I asked the 'obvious' question, "Why are all of these ships out here?". The reply came:

"Mother Earth is "their" collective creation. She is the creation of us all. Everyone is interested. It is all in the realm 'experimental'..." I was wordlessly told.

... So many 'vested interests'. I felt a brief wave of melancholy as I thought of this collective mission ending in failure. A reply to my unspoken thoughts and feelings entered my mind with an excited tone:

I was told that while this is experimental and has never been done before... anywhere... it is an experiment with a very likely outcome. That's because our Living Earth Being has been calibrated to a particular resonant frequency to produce a particular outcome. These 'works and services' have been carried out on Earth over the last 100 years, I was told, and in the last decade in particular, since the year 2000. That's why Earth's people have seen all of our activity in the last decade... because we HAVE been back time and time again. The time is very near.

All of these Light Ships of hundreds of races are here to observe. It would seem that intervention and assistance is not going to be necessary in the days to come. The planet is going to be able to right Herself and Her Own energies when the right moment is arrived at. I was told that the "mechanics" of the planet had been repaired and pre-set, by all of these visitors and onlookers, right on the cusp (like at the edge of a tooth of a cog) of where Mother Earth's self-repair would occur. Everything was pre-set as if on a timer, a 'trip wire', and everything that needed to be done from now on... ?? Mother Earth would be able to do it all for Herself. All that would be needed was a particular series of energetic events and then all of these "pre-sets" would simply "click over". Much work had been done to re-calibrate Mother Earth and make her ready for that moment. In that instant, the whole "game" here on planet Earth would change. In an instant.

I pondered this for some time as I gazed back at our Mother Earth... and glanced occasionally at Light Ships phasing in and out of our resonant frequency...

I mentally compared the size of this ship to a "Mother Ship", which purportedly can be the size of our Moon, of the Earth, or even larger. I was told that this ship was light and fast, carried respected elder members of their race who were endowed with superior intellectual and spiritual capacities and could be considered in our terms, a "Command Ship". It often travelled under "stealth". It is very fast to manoeuvre, and can go to places to see what needs to be seen and can return as if it never moved, only 1 or 2 seconds later.

"Yes... 'time' travel is no problem. Afterall... "time" is simply a bend in the hologram... an illusion to keep you in your current prison. In reality, there IS no time... There is only 'thought'... One of the great mysteries of the manifold Creator..."

I was so engrossed with everything I was seeing and hearing that I didn't even ask what race these Beings were. This is the question I asked as soon as I woke up:

"Alright... Whose Light Ship was I just on?"

The reply came in an instant: "Arcturian".

I knew nothing about the Arcturians, not even the word "Arcturian" and was surprised that the word had so immediately come to me.

The Arcturian beings were around 7-8 foot tall (approx. 2.7m) with light-energy swirling all around them. These could be described as 'auric energy fields' perhaps, and extremely luminescent. Many other colours continually rippled about them: fascinating and vibrant. The beings themselves were actually transparent. I could not see a "solid form" underneath the swirl of energy. They seemed to be a violet-blue with white at their 'inner core'. Please see the pics following to get an idea of what Arcturian 'light bodies' look like.

There was a lot of calmness in the energy field of the Arcturians. This calm, quiet intensity pervaded the whole ship in a pleasant yet focussed way. It produced a kind of 'music' that became an unobtrusive background... a field of unity perhaps, with each member making their contribution to the whole energy symphony. They seem to be at the outset, quite a serious bunch, but not in a stern way. They actually have a very good sense of humour, punch-lines often delivered with a straight face. This can be very confusing at first, and then you "get it". And it's fine with them if you laugh out loud, although they probably never would. The way they express humour is in itself is very funny.

I was told, "A New Day Dawns."

"It is not for the few, but for the many that events will occur as they will... unfolding now most particularly."
 I was also told, "Hold on tight." 

I asked, "To what?"

The reply? "To your hat."

I like their sense of humour.

The intense session in the morning after the dream, finally came to an end. I had to ask my guide one last question: "Am I contactee?"

There was no reply in "words" as such, but I just felt a gentle nudge. "Maybe... if you want to be."

I have since agreed...  and all is well    : )

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Arcturian body forms:

These forms are very similar in presence and stature to what I saw/ perceived in my dream.
I think this image is from the movie "Knowing", with Nicholas Cage.

Image source:

My Name is Lincoln - Steve Jablonsky - Knowing Movie Music Video

Published on Jul 12, 2013

Whisper people saving the children.
Music: "My Name is Lincoln" by Steve Jablonsky
Video: Scenes from the movie "Knowing".

This pretty-much looks like an Arcturian 7th dimensional 'light body'. They have more blue shining out rather than gold. Their energies flow, move, ripple...    Source


The following are links to more information regarding the Arcturians. I've never read any of this stuff before today. It's interesting that my dream-perceptions fit very well with the information on these sites...

"Never give up your positive outlook about what is to happen next in your world!"

Please scroll down until you get to the Edgar Cayce article. Please don't get put off by the site header artwork... It's not my cuppa tea either. Thanks : )

Vision paintings:

Interesting articles. Interesting incident. Good humour seems to be a feature of Arcturians:

Background article into the Arcturians:

Earth shifts for the next 6 weeks...

Published on Mar 20, 2012 by RadiantlyHappy


"This is a completely new energetic process which is happening right now, as your new bodies are created, it is not only a purification process"

The other videos in this series look pretty good as well. I'll check them out later : ) I like the fact that there's a lot of 'orb' symbolism in the Arcturian imagery. Why would they not have Light Ships with the major design element being the sphere ?? It all fits really well. I'm surprised... still. It's all just a little strange.

- Peace, Bron


  1. Fantastic! Your experience rings true to some of my own - i have felt that earth is being visited a lot right now, that other universal beings already attuned to Universal Law are gathering to assist with the birth of humanity into universal Consciousness - the next stage of our evolution - your experiences seem to confirm this and with more detailed information too. I had a strong impression that they were searching for an answer from us too - a confirmation of something maybe? Though i could be wrong. Thank you very much for sharing - really appreciate! x

    1. You're welcome Debdah. And thank you so much for your acknowledgement and confirmations. I would really love to hear what you're experience/s have been... or your impressions... and communications from our Off-World friends or 'stuff' you just KNOW : ) Maybe you can write to the gmail: with your experiences? I'd love to hear them : )

  2. thank you for sharing so bravely

    1. Thanks Elsa. It's a story that needed to be told. There's a vast array of confirmations from people I have never met and never knew about, eg: Search: Viviane Arcturian and Hungarian Orion Keeper. We all tell much of the same story about the Arcturians. It's astounding. But none of us know each other. So parts of this story will also be confirmation for other people around the world : ) Thanks Elsa. You comment is much appreciated. Here's the original telling of the same story, November 16, 2012.