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What are the Arcturians doing here? What is their purpose? What sorts of thought-processes do they have?

By Ramallah -  January 26, 2015


Are you seeking the answers outside of yourself?

Why look to someone else for your answers? Look within... And ask without - using the "ray" of your Third Eye. Arcturians are responsive and will gladly answer any questions personally, that you have for them. Ask. Relax. And Wait. You will "hear", "think", "see" or "feel" the answer. If you don't get an answer fairly immediately (within a minute), it might not be the right time for you to know the answer.

Regarding "Denial"- self denial, austerity, aestheticism, inability to see a situation clearly.

"Denial" is embedded in duality consciousness. Anything to do with duality doesn't exist in Arcturian thinking. Everything "just is". They live in the Unified Consciousness Field. Therefore: there is nothing to deny. All Is.

btw. We live in 4th dimension currently - Length, Width, Height + Time = 4 dimensions.

What is "Consciousness" ??

If you're a Being who is vibrating in the Resonance Unity Field and whose very life-force is supported by Consciousness Unified Field, is not every moment of existence a "meditation" ?? 4D humans need to set time aside for this discipline because we have monkey-mind and our focus generally is extremely scattered. Once you're plugged into the Field as Arcturians are, you just remain plugged in naturally, in a permanent state of alert wakefulness in connection with Source  - "meditation".

There may be some external disruption to the connection (an accident, a shock, a direction of dark energy by malevolent created forces [it all just is], a miscarriage of a child, drug abuse, mental torture of any kind), in which case various practices including meditation are beneficial to re-make the connection. Other practices include ingesting organic green food, touching animals - especially befriending wild animals and birds, being in sunlight, drinking pure water, sleeping, walking, having intimate soul-centred physical contact with other human beings, being befriended by a child...

Consciousness is another name for Infinite Unknowable Source. There is only Consciousness. Otherwise EVERYTHING would cease to Be. Our thoughts are not our "own" thoughts. They are Consciousness moving through us   : )  When we get an idea that will Do No Harm, that is Consciousness experiencing itself in us.  ACT on those thoughts.  They are sure to have a beneficial, or even a GREAT outcome  : )

On "Manifestation"

"Seek and you will find... Ask and you will receive... Knock and the door will be opened to you..." 

The story of "manifestation" is an ancient teaching likely carried by the secret societies to this day. These things would have been taught in the Schools of the Mystery Religions since 400 BC in our "modern" (literary) times and prior to that through various Shamans, the writings of the Vedas of the Indus region and the Vedrus of Siberia. In "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" series (9 books) Anastasia the Siberian mystic teaches what she calls "The Science of Imagery" which goes somewhat beyond what Rhonda Byrne teaches in The Secret. Arcturians have no need to manifest "stuff" - things of matter, as we currently believe we need to in this 4D holographic "reality" that our Collective Consciousness is creating all the time. 

The intentions of Arcturi (the collective) are directed towards outcomes that are less tangible that what 4D humans require, and which involve the direction of energies, of "time" and "space" travel. 
[Note: Time and Space are aspects of the illusion].  

The Arcturians' idea of "manifesting" is to enter greater Consciousness states within themselves throughout various layers of the Multiverse. Arcturians are very taken with the human ability to manifest all kinds of "stuff" -  matter.... including manifesting apples growing on trees and water running through river embankments. They are fascinated with how WE  manifest such things that we take as "creation". 
We actually manifest it... through our minds. 

The star "Arcturus" is known also as "The Shepherd"

The Good Shepherd  : )  My little grandson ended up in Starship Children's hospital here in Auckland, New Zealand in November 2013. We came and went many times over the days he was admitted. One evening, I spotted a Certificate of sorts on the wall of the ground floor, near the children's playing area that sits wrapped inside the building - a huge 7-story high courtyard surrounded by the various wards. The Certificate was from the Auckland Observatory. It was to Certify that the Auckland Astronomical Society had dedicated the Star Arcturus as the patron Star to watch over Starship Children's hospital. I'd only met my Arcturian friends in November of 2012. I knew in that moment that the dedication of this particular patron Star to all the very sick children of New Zealand (where intensive hdu care is given) had been no mistake. Someone in the Astronomical Society knew exactly what they were doing... by instinct or by knowledge. Bless them...

Why don't Arcturians come and "save us"?

Arcturians are completely non-attached to outcome. There is in fact no capacity to think dualistically, therefore: There is no judgement of "good or bad, better or worse, slavery nor freedom, riches or poverty, carnate or incarnate, manifest or unmanifest realms..." It all just "IS". ALL is possibility. Consciousness embodies ALL states of being - How could it not?? - even those states of being that are not identified through sense-perception and also includes states of being that human-duality-thinking would label as "negative". It all just "IS". That's why there's no intervention.

They DO intervene with output of atomic particles into the Unity Field from nuclear power plants. This is [BIG] literal "Energy work". While these outputs would destroy the natural physical environment over time, the main purpose of Arcturian intervention of nuclear outputs is to stop the build-up of disruptive particles from entering the Resonance Unity Field, thus reducing the ability of 4D material life forms from tapping into Source directly. "Nuclear" is of course "quantum field". This is something we people forget. Therefore, the interventions are not so much to do with "chemicals", but more to do with "Energies".

It's weird science, beyond me, so I can't explain any further at this stage besides saying, "Arcturi (the collective) have the capacities and science to manipulate the Energies in the quantum field on behalf of Earth-plane 4D beings." In short: They need to deal with nuclear plant outputs. It's not an option. Otherwise, like everything else that's "wrong" here on the planet, they would not intervene. But this particular intervention is necessary. Humanity's advancement into greater awareness of our connection to Consciousness depends on it. So the work is done in compassion so we don't stay any longer than needed in this realm of figurative "darkness" and literal "limitation". 

Video:   UFO over a nuclear power plant in China  September 9, 2011

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