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Susan: Deep Earth and Lost Soul healing. Planet of False Gods.

** Exclusive **

This is Susan's testimony...  Susan lives in England.

Susan's website and blog:

Susan's first communication with "The People's Disclosure"

I was contacted a number of years ago and sent to a place or dimension where there seem to be millions of souls trapped all standing with their right hand on top of the other. I asked what I was supposed to do with them and all of a sudden three beams of light appeared and began to shine down on them. Then I saw a big beam of light coming out of my heart and then I fell into a dark place. I saw out of a dark cave Yeshua and he shone the same colors at me through his heart and hands.

I was then visited by a young man who I now know came to help me. He showed me a lot of bodies all soggy and lying on top of each other. Over the years I have been on a journey through some very dark places in the astral plane doing work with beings.

In 2012 and 2013 I was sent on my travels and I began to film energies coming in on the solar flares. The same energies I saw back in my first contact in 2007. I did a lot of work anchoring this energy into the earth.

I have seen a lot of demonic beings and trapped souls who became the shadow walkers here on earth. My journey was to understand and bring the energy of divine justice into the consciousness.

Because in the 3rd dimensional experience our spirit cannot function or understand compassion and forgiveness.

It was these false gods who came through the religious limitations that had so many souls trapped. My guide who was a young man who died in Auschwitz came to help me to shift these souls off the time line of suffering.

I have been blessed to have this experience as I am understanding the way out now and how to channel the electro magnetics through the mental and emotional body in order to free the soul.  We can then start to build our new systems that support well being.

I used to work in the criminal justice system. I asked what this place would look like in the new world and I was told immediately, "It will shift from a place of punishment to a place of correction."  I understood immediately. All aspect of that mind have to be corrected. I only worked there for 4 more days and then I was guided to leave. That was the start of my journey. My souls mission was to return the goddess energy to my blood line.  (currently Private. Susan is making this Public soon)

Here is a video of me working with my family through the  beams of light and bringing in the new codes and frequencies of the new earth consciousness.


2nd communication (today)

I did not know the video was marked private. I will go into my youtube channel and change that. I do put out some of my videos that I make, especially at times of portals and Star Gates as they are very interesting energies that come through and sometimes you can see them moving around and dancing.  I want all the videos to be shared as they contain very powerful energies. Even if those who are not on the first wave of the shift see them in times to come, they will help them.

My journey began when I had a trauma and all my life fell apart. I was suicidal and I cried out what is happening to me and a voice said, "This is the dark night of the soul."  I heard this conversation inside me.

My soul was saying, "I don't want to leave Susan," and then I heard another voice say, "It won't be easy but its do-able," and then the first voice said "give her five years".

I started to learn about different energy work but I noticed how my mind recalibrated very quickly and that the work I was doing didn't shift me.

Then one night my friend saw me disappear.

I knew I had gone somewhere and that I also held a space in the physical. It felt like bliss. Then she saw lights flashing around the room and I came back. Later a bright light came for me in my room but now I was alone and I felt scared. A part of me thought I was going to die and I remember holding onto my bed as if I was going to float away.  I had just completed a healing on someone and was feeling very tired.

As I sat in the lounge I saw a golden light appear. I tried to ignore it as I was very tired. Eventually I turned the TV off and sat on the floor which was the same spot I was in when I disappeared.

I suddenly landed as if I was on a rock a bit higher up. It looked like legions of bodies. They were alive as they had breath but they were grey and they all stood just like the terracotta army. They had no features. Just body shaped.

I didn't know what to do or why I was taken there. I asked what should I do with all these and this is when the three beings of light came with the colors. It was Jeshua who came to me when I fell out of this place and showed me the same colors.

During this time I was working within the court system and I became aware of the fact that large aspects of humanity are stuck on a cycle and can't get off.

AA Michael was a first contact for me. He came to me during my journey through soul coaching. I was in Glastonbury. The man who taught us was dealing with a lot of demonic energy there. But he was in his ego and not working with the Angels. Michael asked me to help. I did not know what I had signed up for as I did not know about ascension then. This was in 2006.

In order to get to the bottom of this suffering program I had to dig very deep.

Peter came to me just after the incident with Jeshua and the trapped souls. He was showing me the bodies of Jews I realise now. I had been to Prague that year. I became aware of some very dark energies there. And surprised to learn about the Jewish graves that happened in the 1400's as I only associated that with Hitler. So a few weeks later my sister gave me a book for Christmas. It was about a boy called Petre. He lived in Prague was a child prodigy and died in the camps age 16. I knew straight away that was who I had been talking to earlier that month.

This is a planet where souls have given their power away to false gods.

The fear they instilled through people like Vlad the Impaler and Hitler shatter the light body of the souls who get programmed and turned into shadow walkers by the beings who seek to control the spirit of the human soul.

Last year was an amazing year for me. I had just come back from travelling and grounding the divine feminine working especially with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. The year before I travelled working with AA Michael and AA Gabriel and AA Zadkiel. I also work with St Germain.

They have helped me to navigate through the dimensions of suffering and place the new 5th dimensional grids. There was a lot of work to be done in the etheric realm and within the earth in order for us to be able to raise our consciousness.

So last year I learned about the mystery of the Goddess which is what Yeshua came to teach. Everything he came to tells us was filtered through the control mechanisms of the false gods. They put three distinct patterns into the consciousness of the human soul to keep us separate from this knowledge.

Because once you expand into it they have no power over you at all. 

This journey for me was very scary. I got a broken wing and was under constant attack. They send the archons through people you know and trust who are asleep and do not know what they are doing.

Most souls cannot control their own mental and emotional body. They do not know how to run the electro magnetics through and they have given all their power away on different timelines and dimensions to these beings who changed the course of our evolution.

Using this knowledge I helped to take my power back and then command the return of other souls. I worked on planetary abundance and went into the heart of the Vatican on the summer solstice. It was amazing. When you work at this level you know you can only shift the consciousness through Love and using vibrations and grids that offer a way out for those who held the control.

I work with the Pleiadian Priest and Priestess energy to bring the peace grids in.

I work with Andromedan Council to bring in Harmony and Beauty.

I have recently been asked to assist on the Dream Line Federation.

I am seeing how the dreams can be shifted by leading people off the various time lines by helping them to expand out of the lower dimensions.

I also in a dream toned some grids in and was contacted by the Therians of the Seven Seas. I have worked in the headwaters around the planet and there is a lot of work to do with the elemental realm as we ground the heaven on earth templates.

In my Alchemy work we built the bridge from the AA Angels and the Elementals as they lost their connection during the fall of consciousness and a lot of them are trapped by these darker forces. So I guess my work was to clear out the religious limitations so as to see beyond that into the goddess.

I seem to be contacted on various levels depending on what I am doing. Sometimes it comes through writing which I am not so conscious of at the time until much later. At first I was in total denial - Programmed to think I was small and insignificant.

I once wrote a book on Good Friday. I typed it up four years later. I was amused to see I had signed the end with an "x". When I looked closer it didn't say Susan...  It said "Uriel".

Sometimes I see myself a future self. I am in the StarGate and I have colors around my heart that shine and shift. I am only small like a child.

I sometimes spend a few days with beings. They take me to temples and they don't talk to me. They just stay present and as I ask questions. They just seem to hold the space whilst I become aware of the answers.

As our dimensions open it is a choice where we will play for the next time frame. So many are on these time frames where they fight with aliens etc... But I know where I am going and I know why I am here.

I am raising my physical body to light and taking it with me. I am just starting to learn how to work with the elemental energy inside my body. And after all that hard work in those grids of darkness I am feeling very joyful and happy.

The journey has been so hard. What happened to me would make your skin crawl. I was so confused. But I see why I was chosen to do it. Because my heart is pure and I came to do a job and I have been supported all the way by beings who I am blessed to call my friends. I undid the implants and mastered myself.

This planet is now liberated from domination and control. 

New souls are coming in and we are holding the line.

The grid lines are in our Mother and we are on our way home.

- Susan


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  1. Hi Susan,

    I love the way you say "I sometimes spend a few days with beings. They take me to temples and they don't talk to me. They just stay present and as I ask questions. They just seem to hold the space whilst I become aware of the answers."

    I sat with one of our tupuna (ancestors) here in Aotearoa (New Zealand) on April 30, 2012 south of Taupo - Tuwharetoa. He showed me a lot of things about the geographical area and the spiritual work he did for the people of Aotearoa who would come to these lands in the future. He was born in 1803 and passed in 1879. He was a ripe old age and lived through some of the darkest days in Maori history.

    In one of the scenes he showed me, I saw people coming through the native bush from the East... from the West... and they would come and sit with this most enlightened of souls... This Man who was known as a Buddha of his time.

    He showed me they would sit. Just sit on the front verandah of the wharenui (the large communal sleeping house), in a state of deep meditation... slipping in and out of the moemoea - the dream-time of the Spirit realm. He would sit with his back to the Western wall of the wharenui verandah, and some 6-8 metres away, the guests would sit on bench stools with their backs to the East wall of the verandah. They would be facing each other across the broad expanse of the verandah... nestled up in their warm feather cloaks up there on the high snow-clad mountain of Tongariro in New Zealand's central North Island.

    They would sit for days... three days often he indicated... And the answers to the questions that burdened the visitors would come to them, around and through the ethers of this meditation. It was a very beautiful thing. So basically, like you said above, they greeted each other, shared food with regular chit-chat, but for three days (or more if difficulties were problemsome), they would sit in silence.

    Then at the end of the time once the energy had lifted, the guests would say "thank you", and return to the tracks that would take them back home.

    It's the same tradition : )

    Maori know they are from the Pleiades - from "Matariki", the Seven Sisters.

    I wonder if your teachers who take you to the temples might be from the Pleiadian star system : ) this is so fascinating to me. Thank you for sharing your experiences, dearest Susan.