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Bio-resonant Propulsion. How do UFOs work?

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I also wish to mention, and for no gain to myself - I DO NOT seek "followers" and We are ALL Co-creators who have the innate ability to "find" this sort of information, each one of us - That through a series of "coincidences" (there are no coincidences) some of the material that was given to me by Arcturian Light Beings in 2011 was handed on to professors in the Aeronautics Department at Princeton University USA later that year. That's pretty bizarre since I live in New Zealand and have no contacts whatsoever to the American scientific community. But when the Universe wants something done, it finds a way. I met a man holidaying in NZ who is a US academic affiliate - a professor himself (PhD Physics), who thought my information was noteworthy enough to pass on.
I only mention this to confirm that what is talked about here isn't Sci-Fi. It's becoming Manifest reality into our 3-4D world. Many thanks ~ Ramallah

The quantum universe is a very, very strange place indeed   : )


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What is it like to fly a Bio-resonant Lightship? (Alexa)

How do you do it? What training do you need? (Ramallah)

ALEXA73 Light Warrior (Italy)11 February 2015 at 06:04
I also know that way of merging with the Ship. I always do it and I feel All One with it. It's like as if Me I am my ufo... I see with his cells eyes all around and no possible to crash or having an accident. Because I see where I am going, just like when I'm walking on the street... This is the reason why UFO LIGHT SHIPS ARE ALIVE!

Ramallah (New Zealand) 11 February 2015 at 14:43
Yes. They are Alive... responsive... but not of themselves sentient. Sentience is transferred to the cells via the Thought-connection of the sentient being who pilots them.

ALEXA73 Light Warrior11 February 2015 at 06:14
I know that kind of light ship's way of driving. I always merge with it before taking off... My soul merges with its bio-mat [biologically encoded mat-aerial], and we are as One. It's easy to get merged. Just let him find your higher resonance frequency and let it connect to you... He will find you. You just relax.

Nice times are when flying for fighting combat tests... The Eastern quadrant of Lyra skies!

A quiet, quiet place... Just right to have an examination... See you there sometimes...

Ah... I remember that I had a half exam where I had to pilot on my own for a short distance in a Mother Ship. It was difficult because my thoughts were shared into plenty of telepathy commands all at once. I got it, but I don't have the patience. The test was given to me to see if I could do it or not, in the next future.

Ramallah11 February 2015 at 14:40
Yes... Thank you Alexa for this confirmation. I also know that bio-mat-aerial technology exists in other dimensions we are not yet able to access. That's probably what the other 90% of our brain is for - to process all the other dimensions that exist but are currently "turned off" to us at the moment... Like a veil has been pulled down over our sensory perceptions.

It's like a radio receiver that has not yet been tuned into the exact frequency of the sound, so the listener (whose JOB it is to turn the dial to tune in) is completely unaware of people talking to them in a radio studio somewhere...

In the same way, Humanity needs to learn to RECEIVE...

"Ask and you shall receive..." Jesus said. A Universal Truth. We need to go through the steps to put up our individual and then our collective antenna. It's our own RESPONSIBILITY PERSONALLY, to try out what works for ourselves from an astounding number of methods we can use to "tune in". We need to find the methods that work for us personally...

and then LISTEN...

To LOOK, to LISTEN, to FEEL, to be AWARE... And then slowly, we break through the shell that keeps us Earth-bound in the 3-4D. But we need to Tune In first... and figure out how to become RECEIVERS. We are each "tuned" differently, so we will all receive differently.

The quantum field is mysterious and inexplicable from our fixed 3-4D Earth point of view. But it's a place where all Possibilities are continually Expanding towards the Light. ALL is Possible... The quantum physicists are baffled by what they find, so it's nearly impossible for averagely intelligent earth humans to try to fathom what's going on by using the usual conventional empirical methodology.

The Universe is alive and exploding... Transforming and Mutable...

Will we ever get the same results from 'an experiment' that is repeatable? Probably not. Our Earth's Solar System is hurtling through space at an astounding 17,000 miles an hour. Our Solar System is constantly being bombarded by new energies throughout the galaxies that we do not understand. Because an experiment works well today, it doesn't mean it will work in the same way tomorrow. Our environmental MacroSystem is constantly being challenged. So we must be prepared to constantly be creatures of change and adaptation. And we are. This is our natural Cause... To BE IN Change. This is a feature of the ever-exploding Universe. Dynamism. And WE are That !! : )

This is why Earth Humans need to go to "skill sets" such as: intuition, prayer, meditation, music, dance, painting, tarot, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, channelling, the dreamtime, HEART, guides, angels, crystals, past life memories, invention, innovation, cannabis, ayahuasca, vision, revelation, dreams, drumming, remote writing, remote viewing, UFO-gazing, photography, intercourse, orgasm, sacred ritual and keeping the ceremonies, fire-gazing, childbirth, tree-hugging, gardening, bird watching, being with domesticated and wild animals... ALL of these and a hundred more experiences besides, connect us to each other, and the unseen realms. It is not empirical. It is CREATIVE !! That's why we have a CREATOR... not an Emperor !! ; )

ALL of these are keys into the quantum field that science can not possibly, in no way, empirically explore. Scientists shackle themselves in their attempts to elucidate that which can not be fathomed. Meanwhile, mere Earth Humans like us learn to FLY... as we keep connecting with the realms that are not yet manifest (seen) by our Earth eyes : ) But they will soon be seen by our eyes... and much sooner than we think. It's all about to change... within our lifetime.

WE are the Creators. We really are that Powerful...

Ramallah ~ February 12, 2015


SPIRAL FRACTURE HEALED 1977  - by Bronwyn Llewellyn

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