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FREE Supports people who have had Contact Experiences


FREE Experiencer Support Agenda

Reinerio Hernandez, J.D., MCP, PhD. Candidate
Co-Founder, FREE

Much of the work that FREE undertakes involves gathering the sensitive testimony of alleged ET contact experiencers and perceivers of related phenomena such as near death experiences (NDEs), reincarnation, extrasensory perception (ESP). These narratives are often produced under duress, and those who volunteer such information often require emotional support and/or psychological counseling. 

FREE shall promote a series of options that Experiencers can utilize to receive the emotional support that many are looking for.  The following is a summary of these support structures. 

a.  Responding to Emails:  FREE will have the ability for Experiencers to send emails to FREE.  Members of the FREE Support Committee will take turns responding to such emails. 

b.  “Buddy System:   If requested by the Experiencer, via an email or a follow-up phone call, an Experiencer can request a “Buddy”.   A “Buddy” is an individual who has had experiences themselves and is considered mentally and emotionally stable by his/her peers within FREE.  This person ideally has integrated their understanding of said experiences into their lives and continues to function.  One who offers a neutral and supportive “listening ear” while being careful not to deliver harsh judgment or other explanations of the intimate experiences which were related to them.  Please send us an email if you desire one of our FREE volunteers to contact you as a “Buddy”. 

c.  Additional Assistance:  Others who will be reaching out to FREE for assistance may be looking for additional assistance.  FREE will be posting a list of the following professional but will not make any referrals or suggest any specific individuals.   Please send us an email if you desire one of our FREE volunteers to contact you for “Additional Assistance.   
1)  Licensed Therapists familiar with and experienced in treating the ET Contactees and immediate or extended family. 
2)  Regression Therapists who have experience in regressing and offering psychological support to said Contactees. 
 3)  Local Professional Support Groups (PSG) facilitated by professional facilitator/s. (See Chapter 7 of Mary Rodwell’s book titled “Awakening” for more details.) 
 4)   Local Experiencer Support Groups (ESG) which is facilitated by individual/s who have had experiences themselves. (See Chapter 7 of Mary Rodwell’s book titled “Awakening” for more details.)

d.  Experiencer Forum:  FREE has created an Experiencer Forum where Experiencers can freely communicate with each other to share their experiences in an environment where their experiences will not be judged and where they can learn and share from each other.  Members of our Support Committee will also be monitoring the Experiencer Forum. 

e.  Calendar of Events:   Members of this Committee will also be updating on a weekly basis a calendar of events that might be of interest to potential Experiencers.  The geographic area will not just focus on the US but on international events. 

f.  Experiencer Audio and Videos:  In the very near future, FREE will have the ability of leaving either Video or Audio summaries of their “experiences”.  This will be an opportunity for Experiencers to educate the public and share with other Experiencers of details of their experiences.  All of these audios and videos will be grouped together for replay.  A Consent Form will be provided for all individuals. 

g.  Short Written Summaries:    For individuals that want others to know of their experiences but want to have animosity, they can use either a name or a pseudonym and leave a 500 word essay detailing their experiences. 

h.  FREE Research Project:  Some individuals may request that we offer more in-depth research of their personal contact experiences.  If they appear to be mentally and emotionally stable and integrated in their own personal understanding of their experiences, we would then refer them to the Research Committee.  The Research Committee, which is comprised of university professors, qualified mental health professionals and experienced researchers, would then, administer a series of detailed questionnaires.   

[1]  Rey Hernandez is an “Experiencer” and is employed as an Estate Tax Attorney with the US Dept of Treasury in Miami, Florida.  Rey attended Cornell University and UC Berkley for a Ph.D. in City & Regional Planning where he received the prestigious National Science Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship.

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