Saturday, 7 February 2015

Have you ever seen a UFO?

People in a random discussion on social media were asked this question.

130 people replied.  Over 90% of them said "Yes".

Have you.... ??

Angie. No...hv u?

Jon.  I guess not from the outside.

Michelle. Yes.

Psy.  yes.. I have.. just a couple of months back

Shal. Yups


Kevin. No

Ruben. its terrifying

Cai. Well no coz once you've identified it it isn't a ufo you dodo jk lolz

Crystal. Yes. 3 red neon lights hovering in a triangle formation and they disappeared into the sky when a friend and I followed them in my car!

Oscar. nope..

Farrah.  It turned out to be a penis. OO======D

Michael.  No.

Michelle.  I saw the same thing!

Cai.  We all probably have just don't not noticed

Adnan.  I just had a dream about them this morning... Triangular ships.
They threw some package out. I was kinda half-aware that I am dreaming. You think they can interact with us that way as well?

Shaun. Yup or whatever type of energy it was.... whatever it was made every hair on my body stick up!!

Sparkey. The same Guys in this picture 

Ahmed.  no

Joshua.  Yes couple of times

Daniel. I've been tagged, seen an alien not even a meter away from me

Bella. yes ! twice

Bryan.  yep orange ball of light over the local mountains zoomed this way then that way ups and downs stopping still occasionally hundreds of people saw it local news explained it away as a weather balloon

Mark.  8

Didem. yes

Bella.  A similar experience happened to me Bryan Hill i saw a ball of orange light over on a hillside and it just stayed there for about 3 minutes then went over my head

Brian.  I see them all the used to be pink elephants

Jovana. I think so.

Craig. What if we have all seen a UFO but we are all conditioned to believe its something else. Ie moon, clouds

Isaiah. I have seen an unidentified flying object. Wasn't sure what it was and it was flying.. So it must have been an ufo

John. A black triangle overhead moving silently. Blocked out stars as it moved.

Tony. Visitors to this planet, choose who will see them. Read Dolores Cannon's books and prepare to be riveted with intrigue.

Alexander. Many times, in almost every country I've been to. People don't usually look up for more than a couple of seconds. During the night time, they are even easier to spot. Look up, people!

Joseph. Yep

Erik. LOL nope

Inquid. yes!

Della. For those who have - please tell us more! My brother has and his story is just amazing!

Tae. I wish...!!!!

Arman. yes, on a regular basis.

Tony. According to Dolores Cannon, our visiting friends help us, regularly.

Jackie. Yes.

Hiitesh. Always

Aron. Yes in my laptop...

Tomas. I AM A UFO

Jane.  straight up yes

Cord. yes

Tony. It's about frequencies. You don't see radio sounds, you hear them. Visitors to Earth can utilise frequencies that we do not.

Aaron. A few

Robert. Yes, there was NO doubt about one in the morning of 1984 and hazy recollections of another further back when I was about 10.

Jon. Yeah

Gregor. I've seen plenty of strange stuff most with my pals chillin outside watching the stars

Martin.  it was the aliens, maaaan

Edwin.  As much strangeness as i've seen in my life as a musician & filmmaker, no.

Kristiāns. No but I'd like to.

Dasha. not yet

Sarah. Yes!!!

Eitan. Yes! and some people probably think I am insane... so as an answer is what it mine is a gift.

Grego. well there is life everywhere cuz life adapts to life - like we adapted to earth so other life forms adapt to the environment ..nothing special to figure out actually ppl think if they haven't seen it that it doesn't exist... well many ppl today haven't really seen many types of animals (just animals like cheetah and stuff) and yet they are totally sure they exist hehe

Eitan. I have seen, but why shall I tell my story? What is your aim? to kill people who had seen UFO. So what - that doesn't make them insane.


Volande.  I saw the same thing, years ago with my friends. A silent black triangle, blocking the stars as it moved over us. Soft white lights in a v shape on the bottom.

Foyj. I see them, an during the olympics i saw alot flying around, bright lights some brighter then others.

Cody. Have you ever talked to one is the question.

Deb. Myself no, but two close friends when we were around 10 years old.

Foyj. Talk to a ufo?... I dont think a object will talk back. Lol

Katherine. Invoked a few...

Prabhas. Nah but I would love to ..



John. Yes I have like millions of others

Rene. i believe so,...

Bruno. 5 ufo-s; 0 aliens

Josue. I've seen those fiery orbs that constantly appear then get sucked in to like a different dimension. I felt like they followed me home one time late at night

Joey. Couple month ago my friends and where watching the evening sky, when someone said look at that moving star !! We started following it with our eyes, suddenly a huge portal like blue thing came out of it and it went flying of really fast.. My experience though. don't care I've u think its fake. saw ts with my own two eyes, even my friends were sceptic at first but we all saw it at the same time

Colleen. yep.

Akabaz. In Midlands UK. I've seen 3 strange things
Best was orange orb of light seen by 10 of us
Went behind clouds so wasn't a light from ground. it flew on a straight line, froze, dropped down to low altitude approx 10 miles from where we were observing from, then went half way back up and shot off in seconds across into horizon.

Derek. I was abducted. Nobody believes me.

Houda. Really ?? Seriously ??

Daniel. Once, when I was a kid, am 100% sure, just something weird that drifted toward the mountains where I live... but then, I often saw some weird signs in the sky. Last time was 4 years ago, there were strange 'lines' in the clouds, wouldn't have thought much if those lines didn't have angles and were straight... anyway, I don't have to see them to know there are some on and in our Earth, and everywhere else in the Universe...

Rami. hahahha Yea when i was Trippin Only

Angelia. Just last week, me and my 7 year old saw what looked like a drone, with very bright flashing lights, only maybe 30 feet away and about 40 feet in the air. I thought maybe a kid in the neighborhood at first, but then I saw an orb as I was pulling in my drive. I picked up my babysitter who was at home with my 4 yr old and we followed the orb. While following it, my sitter saw a small drone thing fall out of the bottom and take off. I was making a turn and took my eyes off of it so missed seeing it fall out but then we saw the orb about 10 miles away, dancing in the sky, while the two tiny things ascended way up and just hovered, still blinking. We watched for at least 20 minutes and then went home.

Jake. Yea. 2 red lights up high, a third one joins and they fly away at very high speed

Stefanie. Yes, I was driving down the highway in Detroit and something dropped really low and then hovered a second, and then shot away like a bullet. It was big and about 1/4 mile up. I know everyone else saw it too, because when it dropped, all the other people on the highway slammed on their brakes and then we all sat there on the highway for a couple seconds, and then we all started driving again. It was so weird.

Theis. Yees many for real

Max. Yes

Barbara. yes.

Natasha. I've seen 1, dint l0ok like much th0ugh

Bonnie. Yes

Pim. How can u tell that all those lights in the sky at night aren't ufo's???

Natasha. Pick up a chart 0f the c0nstilations n if u find anything in the sky that isn't 0n there uve g0t urself a unidentified flying 0bject

Patrick. All the time, most of them are military though.

Kelly. have you?

AJ. i wish... but sadly "no"

Ross. There's mine, don't have a clue what this was  (photo, didn't publish)

Stephen. I think I felt one come, and the beings were very near my tent. it was easy to tell, because their energy was high. and it vibrated with the atoms of my own body.. my own body and its' frequency heightened. it was so obvious, beautiful, and scary.

Stephen. I think it helps, if you walk barefoot on the bare earth for a long period of days.. then, meditate.. i think it somehow attracts them to you.

Spencer. We are the aliens to the rest of the universe

Martin. Yes. Several times...
And I have a record to probe it.

Alan. I saw a light in the sky which didn't seem to be any type of aircraft I'd seen before , the next moment it was gone ! What made me think it was a UFO was that moments later, two military fast jets appeared & converged on the place where this light had been !

Niuscha. yes i often saw something flying in the sky which i could not define what exactly it is.. UFO

Eitan. Many people treat UFOs as a kind of joke. It is very serious matter 
It's ridiculous to say we are alone in the whole huge universe.
To many people as me UFOs sights changed their whole life. It is not just "tell me, proof me. Wow ... etc." This kind of talk is for kindergarten. There are lot of thing beyond and so many thing government hide from us and don't let us know a bit of what they already forgot.
I presume there must be other physics which explain everything and all things sceptics say "it couldn't be". What that cannot be is that we are alone in universe.

Lesli. All the time.

Kelly. Thirty years ago

Jeffrey. Yes twice once so close i could see the detail of conduit underneath as it hovered about 30 feet above my head without making a sound that was in 1977 the second was in new Orleans in Dec of 13 , dozens of them flew over the city from south to north stopped traffic during rush hour funny the news didn't report it

Glenn. No

Eitan.  as I had a sight about 30 years ago (Kelly? Is it related?) I presume as huge as it was a whole city should know. So I think this was focused to me. Another dimension I was in or something like that. That's why I and maybe few people saw what I have seen. That what happened to you also?


Eitan. - to sad this was kind of joke in news. That is not simple to tell what you had seen since people may react you as insane. I have a problem like that and decided writing a book (right now about 40 pages, but it get harder and harder to reveal my story - I think everybody shall know with not being a kind of joke. Sad to say people don't really listen).

Kristiāns. Eitan Mizrahi i would like to read it.

Tjaša. Noop

Wes. Of course I have. There was this thing flying. I never figured out what the hell it was. Totally unidentified.

Mats. Everyone sees UFO's all the time.

Eitan.- I am writing. The book won't be done tomorrow or soon - that may take time.

Mario. Well I have seen moving objects (not planes), but that doesn't mean anything certainly, those may be satellites, etc. However I saw one crashing at a mountain when I was about 9 near Monterrey MX (near the US border in México), it maybe was a meteorite but at that age I though it was a ship, at the impact it kind of exploded (not with fire) and blasted "sparks" all over the place beneath, looked like a very hot thing, it was very far and never had the chance to go and explore the site for obvious reasons, and the "grown ups" never pay attention!!! So that stays in the mystery.

Jamie. I have

Jamie. Last august I was watching the blood moon from my roof with some people and saw a silent orange ball craft, flew down our street at a 2 story level and swung around to look at us before moving on

Jamie. I was so excited and mad it didn't abduct me,I want off this planet even if I get probed by aliens

Phill. yes, both terrestrial and extra

Joe. no flying object has ever identified itself to me its name. therefore all to me are unidentified flying objects...

Stephen. Yes

Bronwyn. Nope. But i've been in one

Reginald. I'm Black. No I haven't, and I've been clean for 15 years.

Carina. If you're asking if I've ever seen a flying object in the sky that I couldn't identify then: Yes. I have never seen the ufo that's depicted though. The one I saw looked more like:

Max. Yes, I have

Nancy. Yes, though not in the typical form that is usually depicted. Mostly strange lights, sometimes triangular objects, once a black "hulk" of an object. Many times over a couple of years, but the sightings gradually declined and then went away.

Tony. Several ; one exsperience it was less than 100 feet away at tree top level

Lisa. Once, in Florida.

A K.  never but would love to see.....

Donna.  No, but as a kid, I used to wish and pray and hope that aliens would come and take me away... I had heard of all the supposed alien abductions at time... I even remember sneaking out of my room in the middle of the night and standing outside hoping they would see me! They never did come though

Max. UFO's over Phoenix, Az dudes..

Étienne. Yeah, last night I saw multiple UFOs flying all around the place!

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