Friday, 6 February 2015

“Understanding the TRUE Message of Prophet Mohammed” 2/4

Part 1: Lost and disoriented: Saved from ending my life by a Dream  - by Deborah

I really loathed Islam and mostly because my ex-husband was Iranian. He and his family had really suffered under the Khomeini’s brutal regime. Other Iranian family and friends all returned from Iran with their individual horror stories. It was ironic then, that the dream that stopped me from going ahead with my plan to commit suicide was of Prophet Mohammed. I know it just sounds OTT...

Here is the dream:

I walked into what looked like a church. On entrance, I was greeted by a group of elderly men in pointy hats with turbans wrapped around the base. I had my son David at my side and I was very frustrated, angry even. 

I was in tears saying "I don't know what religion he is - look!"

David had knelt down on the rug and was reciting "Krishna-Allah-Yahweh..." and lots of other names over and over like a mantra.

The men did not say anything. They just guided me toward the church aisle and I started to walk down the aisle.

On the left side, there were lots of men wearing white, with pointy hats and turbans, all standing in ascending rows with the highest row having their backs against the wall. On the other side to my right, groups of women sat on the floor, all wearing black and white chequered headscarves.

As I approached the end of the aisle, I could see that the building had become a tent, the flaps were open letting in a warm breeze. I could see sand and a clear, blue sky outside. However, my attention was distracted by a very beautiful man who sat on some cushions with the women on the floor, right at the end of the aisle. 

He had a pale, tanned complexion and the most lovely dark brown eyes - a beautiful trimmed beard and long, thick, wavy, dark brown hair that fell down over his shoulders, and onto his white robe.

I noticed that the white robe made it appear as if he was surrounded in light… Except as I got closer, I realised he had light shining OUT from his skin!

I noticed all these things – But it was like I was two people disconnected from each other because I stood there expressing exasperation and grief because of my son  – and my hands were gesticulating - And I don’t know what I said, because I was too busy noticing the tent and light shining out of the beautiful man's skin.

The Man arose from his seated position and came forward. To my surprise, he expressed absolute delight and he handed me a black and white scarf.

The moment he handed me the scarf, it was like I was suddenly, my whole self again.

I knew who He was. I knew I was in a mosque and immediately apologised for not covering my head. He then just looked even more happy…

… and then, I woke up. The desire to end my life had left me.

Later, I was standing in my kitchen and suddenly got an echo of the dream as a vision in my mind… The Prophet Mohammed, shining with love radiating from his being… and I felt such love for him too. Not a sexual, desiring kind of love - Just pure love for his natural, fine being.

I also I felt completely dismayed…

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