Friday, 6 February 2015

“Understanding the TRUE Message of Prophet Mohammed” 3/4

Part 2: Do I have to become a Muslim now?

I was thinking with a sinking feeling, "Oh no - Don't tell me i've got to become a Muslim now!"

I do not like religion and especially not ones that oppress women which nearly all of them do. To my uneducated mind then, Islam seemed very oppressive toward women as my Iranian friends had experienced so terribly. But how could I refuse Prophet Mohammed now I really KNEW him as True Love? And how could I ignore the importance of that dream after the Light Being experience? Also, that dream had saved my life.

So, was I now expected to just take myself to a mosque? It just didn't feel the right thing to do. I didn't know anybody in a mosque, I had never entered a mosque, except the one in my dream - and even that one did not look like a mosque from the outside.

About two weeks after my dream, I was in town meeting up with my Mum. I'd given up talking to her about my experiences by then. We were in the Crucible cafe and were just leaving when suddenly, someone shouted my name.

Sitting at a table further behind us was Phil, an acquaintance from polytechnic. We had sometimes helped each other with essays and so on. He seemed quite excited, almost nervous, and wanted to talk. I explained I was with my Mum and left him my phone number.

That night he came over to visit. He apologised for his behaviour in the cafe - for shouting out my name. Somewhat nervously, he explained that while he was praying in the early hours of the morning a couple of weeks before, he had suddenly seen a vision of me. He said it was like I was standing in his room! Well of course, I then told him about my dream of Prophet Mohammed and the men in the turbans with pointy hats. 

Excitedly, he explained that was the Sufi style of headwear and he had just a few months previously, become a Sufi Muslim. He eventually introduced me to the Sufi mosque which was a church building. I became a Sufi Muslim (which is a very difficult path for followers to understand the true depth of Sufism), and learned about Prophet Mohammed's life.

However, certain sections within the Sufism were becoming radical Islamists, and myself and Phil eventually left. Certainly, I felt the religion was very far removed from the Person I met in my dream.

I had read certain things in the Qu'ran that really bring Islam right into the 21st century. I was discussing these with some people at the mosque who were in disagreement. I explained that was the reason why I had decided not not become part of any religion at all, and just to support them all.

I explained, they all support the same truth of love and the universe LOVES variety - diversity - It's our natural state of being - like a rainbow… Every colour merges to the next, no sharp divides - just harmony from one source of one light - so many colours in unity. THAT is the promise, the 'covenant' if you like. That is: Do we now know how to read a rainbow?

I referred to the first page of the Qu'ran where Allah advises Muslims to “Abandon old ways and traditions when new knowledge proves them wrong.”

I thought that was FANTASIC! 


One person listening, a female friend Geraldine said, "My friend Ali believes in the kind of Islam you're talking about - Islam that lives by new knowledge. They believe that Islam gives 21st century women equal rights."

I was later introduced to Ali and I became an active supporter of the Rajavis and the new, true Islam - but that is all another story.... Sometimes, I feel I have lived so many lives in this one.

The news media is truly amazing really, and it is heart-breaking to witness the people of this earth so distracted by wasteful things and considerations that are cruel and mean...

Love will find a way.

I hope my experiences help – to build faith in what we know and what we cannot know, and to put faith in those we know we can trust. The days for blind belief are over. Today, we need to know. I know that my experiences were real and some include other people too.

“Yes”. There is magic flowing through the air...

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