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Alexa from Italia - UFO sighting, Mother Ship training, Healing...

First of all, sorry for my mistakes in English. In this life I am from Italy...

Since when I was a child I always knew that extraterrestrial life was possible. I felt it inside of me as a natural thing. My mama's blood group was O Rh-  She died when she was 32 years old. I was just 8. It means that she was not totally from Earth, like Rh+ are!

She was visited by ET beings when she was in the hospital of Milano, because of a bad cancer which lead her to death. Three handsome and kind guys from heaven came into the hospital room without passing through the door nor through the window.

They looked at her and spoke together among themselves in a strange language, then they disappeared in a shot.

My mum told it to my granny and after her death my grandma told it to me, during a speech about UFOs in a documentary.

From that moment I began to try to contact, first my mom from heaven then I tried to call those three Humanoid guys who visited my mom last.

Source  Photograph of an alleged UFO in New Jersey, taken on July 31, 1952

I was with my grand parents during school summer holidays in Piacenza at our holiday house, when I had my first contact.

It was night and I was outside in the garden with my grandpa when I saw a big yellowish glowing light in the sky, right over our garden.

I was very happy and excited so I told my grandpa to look up and say, "Hello!".

He was frightened to death and he directed me to run inside and close the door. I wasn't afraid at all and I tried to tell UFO telepathically to not be scared about me and my grandpa, because I am not scared about them!

Then my grandpa, as I didn't obey him quickly... he caught me by an arm and he forced me to go in.

I lately told UFO, telepathically, that I had to obey, but I wanted to see them back again as soon as possible.

My Grandparents sent me to bed to go to sleep, but I didn't sleep for real, because I felt into my heart that the UFO might come back during the night for me. I waited for them in a fake sleep!


After about one hour, I saw a big glowing light right out of my window. My joy reached the top because I finally was alone with my UFO!

Telepathically they told me to not exit to the balcony, because it was not needed for me to be abducted with all my physical body, because I was already able to move with astral body; but I had just to relax myself and wait.

I was able to make a Zen relaxing breath, to astral travel halfway to my mom in the sky. I made it without any fear. I felt like I was outcoming from my body to reach the garden outside where I found a little Glowing light blue guy waiting for me...

We played together like children... And he taught me to improve my telepathy level and other ESP by just trusting more into myself. Then before leaving, he told me that we would be together again in the future and all life long.

After some years our contacts began again... while I was doing my homework one evening, a gentle voice inside of me told me to shut my eyes and to write down something under dictation. I wrote it down and at the end I had a plenty of coordinates x and y, to be represented into a Cartesian plane. When I opened my eyes and I wrote the numbers, I noticed that I obtained the shape of a UFO!

Then I was informed about a personal coordinate number that enables me to come back to Earth from anywhere in space.

I have been taught to drive it by using cerebral waves and LEVEL 1 telepathic commands - To turn left and right, to land, to take off and to activate other special commands.

I've never been left alone and our friendship has arisen year after year.

Lately, exactly from 2011, I began to attend an astral school on a Mother Ship of The Galactic Federation of Planets. I attended day by day a multilevel school. At night I felt moved to go to school by relaxing my mind and soul and astral traveling to them.


Time is not the same as on Earth... There is no time to school like here... Each time is worthy to have a course. They don't mind if here it is day or night, but also if you stay awake all night to attend a lesson in the sky, the morning after YOU ARE OK! During our terrestrial day, as I am at work, I have been taught to raise up my vibratory level into an awake mode and to be here and there at the same time.

25 Ways That Quantum Mechanics Changed Our View Of Reality

Published on Jan 13, 2015

Quantum Mechanics is one of the breakthroughs in science that enabled scientists to explain phenomena at the level of atomic and sub-atomic particles. As the Quantum theory progressed, the more “mysteries” it begin to tackle which prompted Einstein to say, “the more success the quantum theory has, the sillier it looks.” It’s no surprise that quantum mechanics has had a huge impact on our view of reality, see what we mean with these 25 ways that quantum mechanics changed our view of the universe.

Note: You'll have to go right through to interesting Fact 1 and 2 for direct relevance to this testimony.

Alexa continues ~

I'm still learning...

I attended Universal Theology, three levels of telepathy, quantum physics and quantum mechanics, the art of self-defense both body to body, with the laser sword, with a steel bar and with a peculiar illusions technique including Materialization-Dematerialization, mirror reflex techniques, enemy projection surrounding (you duplicate your image all around the enemy) and you shoot him from... At this point I don't reveal it, because it's a secret of fighting warriors. Then I learned basic of UFO defense out in the space, just to be able to defend myself if it occurs.

I also learned vibrational healing, and to increase my body energies thanks to faith in God and His energy of love; so actually I don't need a doctor anymore . Those healing techniques I can use them for my family too and to my pets! No need for a pediatrician nor a veterinarian...

I'm always in touch with a lot of benevolent races, because in a Big Mother Ship we are all together without any distinction of race. NO RACISM NO PREJUDICES...

Image supplied

Since my first time on the ship until now I always felt at home, no fear, a lot of respect... I just feel like I am one of them. They always treated me well, with love and patience...

I never felt like I was an abductee: I am just one of them.

In fact, one day after a long time of good relations among us, I had to learn more about myself, such as that I am a Star Seed from Sirius! They gave me a big History Lesson about all races, planets with life in, starting from the origins of the Vega Star in the Lyra Constellation and all about the galactic wars and colonizations... Up to today, and about Ancient ET Civilizations who established on the Earth since a very long time...

My... our story is still developing... But I can't tell you anymore, because I could compromise my Mission here and I can't reveal more...


Sorry! Privacy now is required...!

Thanks for sharing a little part of my double life: Here on Earth and up in the sky...

Should you want to know more, pay attention to the signs of the times...

Post Scriptum: Look at the UFOs schedule of sightseeing and compare the L3 MER KA BAH UFO with the two supplied photos... [below]

It's mine and my friend's Merkabah space ship "the little personal MerKaBah ufo", not the Mother Ship!

Enjoy reading...

Alexa73 Warrior of the Divine Love (God).


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