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Deborah: Prophetic Dreams about House moves 4/4

This story is a true story, told by Deborah from the UK.  
It's the fourth story told in a series of four.
Please see archives above for the previous three stories and her Light Being story published January 2015:


Quite soon after the Light Being experience, I had a dream… 

 I was in a strange house and was busy whitewashing the walls in readiness for a special guest. 

A Rastafarian man was there. He said to me, “Mind you don't whitewash the woodwork.”

I told him I had no intention of whitewashing the woodwork. I then felt glad he told me, because although I had no intention of doing that, now I knew also that it was right not to even want to do that. And why? - Because the special visitor would not like it.

I was not consciously aware of who the 'special visitor' was. It was like the 'me' in my dream just 'knew' who it was without articulating it.

As I went to return to my task, myself and the Rastafarian man suddenly both looked up to the ceiling. There were noises upstairs. It sounded like a rumbling sound. The man seemed worried, but I did not feel afraid, just curious. I gave him the paint and the brush and went upstairs to investigate. The noises were coming from the attic. 

As I entered the attic room, I was surprised at how dark it was and I felt a chill. All I was wearing was a white, cotton under slip type dress. I assume now, I was dressed like that because of having to do so much whitewashing. Anyway, I went to the window and looked outside…

The sky was black but the Sun was shining like a ball of fire - in my dream. I did not question that the sky was black but the Sun was shining. I felt the darkness was the same as that just before a storm. And then I looked down to the ground and there was a dead tree. It looked like the Moon was shining down on it. Hanging on one of the branches was a man's suit on a coat hanger!

I then started to wonder about how the Moon and the Sun could be shining at the same time? I looked at the Sun again and watched it in fascination because I had never seen the Sun against a black sky before. It looked different - like a ball of fire. 

When the Sun and the Moon kiss by BerryLuna

I then noticed a long thread moving outward from the Sun - It was a thread of light. It was moving directly toward me. It was almost like the Sun had SEEN me and that felt really, very odd to be suddenly targeted like that. 

I just stood and watched as the thread moved in through the window - and it did the most unexpected thing. The thread of light started spinning around me, faster and faster… and when it finally stopped, it had made me a dress!! I was actually wearing it!

The dress was very modest, about calf length, cream coloured with a fitted bodice and flared skirt, and all around the hem was embroidered with flowers that grew up to about half way up the skirt. I was actually quite delighted because it was quite scary when that thread of light started moving towards me!


I woke up after that and have never been able to make much sense of the dream because it just seems so ridiculous and yet, 23 years later, here I am living in that exact same house !!

This is not the first time i'd dreamed of a house before I moved into it. When my son was about 10 years old, I dreamed we both went to see a house we were going to live in. We were upstairs looking down at two men wearing white overalls. They both looked very much like real life versions of Nintendo Mario Brothers. Myself and my son watched as they painted the walls to look like wood! That was it. I woke up.

About a year later, myself and two friends were moving into a house together. I had not been able to make the first viewing but had agreed to share with them if they liked it. We were all studying at university at the time (myself a mature student) and the other two were not enjoying university-digs. My own place was quite small for when my son stayed. By that time, he was living with his Dad. A house-share gave more space for us all.

As we entered, I commented on the beautiful, wood panelled hallway. To my horror – (by that time i'd had so MANY strange experiences that I was starting to feel like my whole life was preordained!) - the landlady turned and explained:

"Oh that is not real wood. The house previously belonged to two Italian brothers who migrated to England after the war. They were professional decorators and they PAINTED the walls to look like wood."


How could something like that be possible? Yet it DID happen… and why… ???

Now, all these years later, I understand, the dream was simply trying to reassure me that I was where I was meant to be - because of the fact that my life, my world, had been turned completely upside down by the Light Being experience.

It was reassurance.


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