Monday, 9 February 2015

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Going Within in the winter time, Forgiving your Self

Published on Dec 15, 2014

How the winter time can help us in the Self Exploration and how it can help us in finding Forgiveness.

Somehow the winter period always helps to bring up past experiences or negative beliefs, that determine our current life and gives us the opportunity to deal with them. Usually it brings up beliefs, negative experiences that we didn't believed that we had and by this it gives us the opportunity to forgive our Self and be able to Heal. Many of us have the belief that we don't deserve to be happy, that we are not worthy of being Loved, to receive Love. We often associate receiving Love, with getting hurt. We need to release the Belief in order to be able to Heal, and to have a fulfilling Life Experience.

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You are Loved !! 

Allow Love IN.

KNOW you are LOVED by ALL of Creation... THIS MUCH !! : )


Allow expressions of Love all around you... 

Expressing Love for YOU !!

Wow... As soon as I wrote this just now, there was this clicking in my living room... Click, click, click... then click... click... occasional click...

That's what Viviane says in her videos... I forget which one. 3/4 maybe. There's a click when she said something really pertinent, then she explained how this was her 5Ds telling her "Yes".

So I get the feeling, we really need to listen up to this one:

Allow expressions of Love all around you... 

Expressing Love for YOU !!

It's still occasionally clicking... (no explanation) and it's moving to different places around the lounge room too. Man... I wish I could see orbs. I guess all I have to do is ask. Not today though. Hearing "confirmation clicking" is excitement quite enough for one day!!

Ramallah - Tuesday 10 February, 2015. 6:25pm

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