Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Video footage of the Etheric Body departing the Physical body

I wouldn't normally post such a thing.

I have a wild pet mouse in my house who comes and sits at my feet in the evening while I tap away at the computer,  looking up at me with perfect shiny black eyes.  I wish no harm on any being.  I'd never set a trap for this lovely little friend and her occasional other friend that I see scuttling through the kitchen from time to time. They love eating raw sweet potato...  pair of little horrors   ; )    

I pray for this little one as she/ he departs.  You can see him/ her departing..  Wow...  

We are Eternal Beings...  We travel back to Source in the Timeless Infinite when it's time to slough of this skin suit...  be it a relatively large one, such as the human skin suit, or a tiny lovely little inquisitive one...  like this dear little guy.

Please be amazed as I was...  And filled with love for his/ her predicament...  Of the house owner not understanding that we all have a right to live on the planet we were born on.  He is my little brother...

Here goes...  Only if you wish it.  

btw. No blood.  And it's a pretty quick demise.

Energy / Spirit leaves mouse's dead body.

Published on Jul 15, 2014

Mousetrap kills mouse. You can see the energy leave the mouse's body!

While we're on the "spirit" subject, I thought this was a pretty interesting video as well...

Hmmm...  Odd.  Both of these videos were published basically within 48 hours of each other.  

Ghost caught on tape following old man? Man possessed by ghost??

Published on Jul 13, 2014

Ghosts are everywhere on ghost world tv. I also make ghost video about a haunted house,ghost and ghost adventures...  



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