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ET 101. Instruction manual for Star Seeds

ET 101

Uploaded on Dec 6, 2009

“The Old World's systems are in collapse. Those who wish to continue in those systems will be graciously asked to leave, because their motivator, fear, is being relocated to another planet where its subdivisions are still welcome.

In fulfillment of Native American prophecies, intergalactic and interdimensional forces have gathered on this planet at this time to liberate her in the name of Spirit.

The Earth has elected to evolve beyond limitation; however, anyone who opts to explore that process further is free to do so — just not on this planet. Such people will be allowed to continue their experiments with limitation on some other piece of planetary property that is at a less advanced stage in its evolution.

This is the most critical moment of change in this planet's history, and your assistance in that change is vital.”— excerpt from ET 101

ET is a source for other-dimensional news happening right here on Earth. In this section you can find ET and other-dimensionally related articles, news, and events.

ET 101 Instruction Manual

Did you arrive on the planet without a set of instructions? Have you ever secretly suspected you were adopted — from another less dysfunctional world? Is your genetic coding giving you trouble recently? Do you vaguely recall a reason for being here, but are pretty sure your current job is not it? Hang in there. These times and this book are for you.

For those of you who left your galaxy for the Mission to Planet Earth without the instruction manual, Mission Control has granted an unprecedented second chance to remind you of what you already know — but either forgot or misfiled. Now that you have yourself completely disassembled, why not take a moment to read the instructions?

This manual is a transmission from fifth-dimensional sources, written expressly for the awakening human population who asked that it be published. It is not a book. It is a technology — designed to awaken you from your evolutionary slumber. We hope you enjoy it.

May The Force Be With You!

ET 101.  Excerpt ~

“Mission Control acknowledges that the process of waking up is a little tricky. Even though you are genetically encoded to do so, by the time you reach the point of activation, you will be totally convinced that you are an Earthling.”

E. T. 101 Zoev Jho

Is it possible that you came to planet Earth from another star system? Are you here on a special mission to help this planet and its human family shift into a higher vibration by raising the spiritual awareness of those around you?

As incredible as it may sound, there are many people on planet Earth today who have a deep, inner knowingness that they may indeed be here as a Starseed. Such individuals are often educated and respected members of society. They can be found in the fields of medicine, law, teaching, the humanities and other walks of life that seem to center around some form of service.

Millions of others are in the process of awakening at this very moment. And they too are seriously wondering if they came from the stars.

Beginning in the 1960’s, and continuing for the next 20 years or so, a series of books were published, which contained channeled information from a humble, discarnate messenger called Ra. The first book in the series is called, The Ra Material.

Ra’s message raises the distinct possibility that there are indeed beings from elsewhere (Wanderers) who are continuing to awaken on planet Earth. To be precise, Ra estimated that 65,000,000 were already incarnate on Earth during the 1960’s.

Wanderers are described as beings who have evolved to a point of physical and spiritual maturity, which compels them to compassionately reach their hands out to any entities in the universe who call for help. Ra further states that these individuals are from all reaches of the infinite creation. And they are bound together by a common and very singular purpose; to serve those in need.

At this moment, planet Earth and its inhabitants fit that description well. We are in great need. That is why the Starseed wanderers are among us. They are here to help us raise our vibrations and those of Earth Mother so that their transformation, prophesized for these times, can take place.

This will be accomplished by shifting our awareness from self-centeredness and an over-identification with the material world to a more balanced one that puts far more emphasis on the spiritual. If we do not do this soon, we’ll have to start all over as a family of souls until we get it right. Apparently, we’ve reached this point before during the times of Atlantis. That civilization also over-identified with the greed, pleasures and self-indulgences of the material world, while at the same time ignoring the spiritual aspects of life.

During the late 1980’s, another book was published called, E. T. 101. It has been out of print for a while. However, for those of you can`t get hold of a copy, above is the link for the free Pdf version. It ranks among the finest literature I’ve read that relates to the Starseed experience. Like The Ra Material, it is also channeled information and it is THE manual for Starseeds.

In essence, E. T. 101 stresses that there are many Starseeds on planet Earth today who were pre-programmed to awaken at this critical moment in time. These awakened Starseeds are here to help Earth and its inhabitants shift into a higher vibrational dimension. And it appears to be imminent.

Today, Starseeds find that their outer and inner worlds are being turned inside out and upside down, which has ignited their awakening process. As the Starseeds gradually remember their true identity and mission, the fear-based thinking they’ve taken on by becoming an Earthling is being transformed to that which is based upon love. This in turn impacts the entire collective consciousness of this planet in a very positive way. And we are experiencing that shift this very moment.

E. T. 101 tells us…

“As the old programs of a dying world begin to unravel, you may experience a little discomfort, such as your entire world falling apart. It may be useful during this transition to remember that you are an interdimensional master who is an expert at transmuting crumbling realities. You have done this many times before.”

This book is a must for anyone who wants to know if they are a Starseed, what’s going on, and how to move through your inner changes and mission successfully. In a nutshell, when our entire lives have fallen apart, this book brings hope, understanding and the explanations why.

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Divine Destiny Adjustment — This adjustment is executed with state-of-the-art quantum biofeedback equipment, commonly know as the SCIO. An alignment protocol has been designed to facilitate your spiritual body to more easily assimilate and integrate the vast energetic changes that are now impacting the earth matrix. The adjustment is done remotely because, on the quantum level, we are not limited by space and time. Each of us are part of whole that is experiencing the illusion of separation; in reality, we are not even a quark away from one another.

This adjustment requires conscious participation and permission. A session lasts a minimum of one hour and will be done by appointment. The cost is $120. See Testimonials.

Please view the EPFX (SCIO) demo video.

Divine Destiny Adjustments (1 additional session) — This discount is offered to those who have experienced the DDA, have seen the benefits, and wish to continue the work further.

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Should you engage in a three session package and then decide to cancel the series, please advise us of your decision. We will promptly refund the unused balance. Each completed session will be charged at the rate of $120 per session and the remainder returned.

The alignment protocol will be administered by Diana Luppi, the author of E.T. 101, with off-world assistance (also less than a quark away). Diana has been certified as a Biofeedback Technician by the Natural Therapies Certification Board.

Creative License — The Creative License – As offered in ET 101.

The Creative is not a “Real ID,” which is an instrument of bondage, but rather a “Real Real ID,” a reminder of your true identity and of your inherent freedom. All we want to know is, can you see? If your answer is, “Yes,” you just passed the test and may proceed with your order (more info here).

You can read more about the Zero Point Energy Wand by clicking here.

Divine Destiny Adjustments (DDA) Testimonials

  • “I didn't know what to expect. My appointment was at 11 PM, so I laid down a few minutes before and waited. It started with what felt like an 'energy needle' pricking my little toe – just like having an acupuncture treatment, only with energy needles rather than metal ones. My ankles were next, and then many other parts of the body. I also felt as if someone was squeezing my knee caps, like an 'energy grip.' There were also energy fields focus on and buzzing around my head. I do not, by the way, have the tendency to hallucinate these things.
When I woke up, everything looked different. The texture of light had changed. The body felt lighter. Over the next few days, it felt as if veils were being lifted. I know ‘veils being lifted’ may sound obscure, but that's a good description of how I felt when those limiting viewpoints where revealed and released. 
Although I believe there are no treatments that work for everyone, I highly recommend this work to those who are up for a quantum leap in awareness. Oh, and did I mention that my HQ (Happiness Quotient) jumped up a few notches?” – The Lounge Guy @

  • “Went to bed and right away felt some very subtle energy shifts. Before going to sleep, was reading spiritually oriented material for about 10 minutes and then felt sleepy, put the book away and practically went into sleep state immediately. I usually wake up 2-3 times during the night. When I woke up the first time, I felt a very profound sense of relaxation — like deep meditation. It was both a physical relaxation accompanied by a spiritual state of deep peace. Also felt my energies flowing freely and then fell asleep right away. When I woke up in the morning, the same feeling of profound peace and relaxation was still with me. Actually, I woke up about ½ hour before the usual time with the desire to get up and go about the daily life routine with renewed enthusiasm and optimism for life.” – Michael Angelo

  • “I was very excited about what would happen having my session with Diana for the next day at midnight. After a great shift in 1991 while reading "ET 101", what could happen now!?! Strangely, during the next day I was very sleepy. Since I didn't have anything important to do, I respect my body and gave myself a rest. But the sensation of sleep was quite different. I wasn't tired or sick but the drowsiness persisted! It was the same as taking a strong sleeping pill. My naps would go from 20 minutes to an hour. I'd wake up feeling very relaxed but after an hour or so the drowsiness would start again. I couldn't imagine what was going on but wasn't worried because I felt it was something good.
Long before midnight I began having a strange feeling of having to stop what I was doing and get ready for Diana's work. At midnight, I laid on my bed and saw a woman touching my feet. A strong energy started to flow on the left side of my body from foot to head. I could perceive the diffence in energy flowing through the left and right side of my body. Suddenly I felt a big cloud of something being removed from my heart. That took some minutes and a noticeable movement of energy changed to my stomach and further down. The energy continued stronger on the left side of the body. I could see vivid images of people and a greenish spiral of energy again above the heart. After an hour or so I saw many faces looking through my brain and doing something in different areas. They were vague and about four. I felt asleep after 30 minutes. 
The next morning I had urgent things to do, so I woke up very early, did what I had to do and jumped to bed again. I couldn't sleep much because there was more to do but strangely I woke up nice and alert. Usually I do some stretching but most of the time I'm lazy. This time my body was asking to be stretched and I also decided to do some healing techniques which I always give up because of difficulty in concentration. To my surprise, this time my concentration was strong and my focus immediate! I've never felt such immediate response while connecting to my inner self.. I WAS my inner self!!! Even more astonishing, I was fully in charge of mind power!!! My sense of intention was strong and firm, no doubts or tummy uneasiness. 
During the day I tried it again and again....and it was the same! Wow...years of trying and now I can do it with no more struggle!
Thank you, Diana! Love and blessings on your service to humanity!
Susana Silbermann – Brazil” – Michael Angelo

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