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How to Have Extraterrestrial Contact - with Erica MorningStar

Star Nations Contact Workshop - How to Have Extraterrestrial Contact part 1

Published on Sep 28, 2012
by StarNationsContact

Link to sign up for the workshop is:

- Our Star Family is here, and we are fast approaching mass contact as the consciousness of humanity awakens to Love. It's time NOW to step forward as an Ambassador of Humanity, to help other people as we step forward into the Galactic Community. The Star Nations Contact workshop share specific techniques, taught by the Star Beings to facilitate safe loving contact, call in ships, travel between dimensions and move through the fears that naturally come up. It's not a question of IF mass contact will happen, but simply a matter of, Are you READY?

In the comments on this video Erika said:
I had a lot of trouble with recording this video... had to process the audio through audacity noise reduction because the Star Beings kept coming in on EVP during the recording. You can hear it about half way through the video... where it sounds like a whole bunch of people in low voices chanting. It sounds like Tibetan monk chanting in star language. (not the early part of the video where a truck drives by, but later). They are very much wanting to make sure the frequency gets out!


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