Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Light Being entities

Beings of light

“I looked out and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve lost my mind,'” resident Karen Henuset said of the first time she saw the specters. “So I asked our nanny to come and take a look at this, and the hair on her arms just stood straight up.” It’s as “clear as day. You see two eyes on each of them, they both have this little thing over their head. It’s a little weird,” said resident Reid Henuset.”

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The Mysterious Beings Of Light

Very elusive, extremely difficult to capture on film, but still here they are - the mysterious light beings.

From days past, it is held to be a very good sign indeed when one sees them. Keep an eye out for them for they are not as rare as one might think; but one has to be quick, and paying attention, or else you can miss them. 

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Singing Orb

September 9, 2012

This was part of my daily routine that I began in April 2011. I’d had my morning meditation/ contemplation, followed by a physical work out and was into the vocal segment of my morning… This photo was taken during an instrumental interlude of a song I was singing.   

Singing Orb
Many more photos and documentation here: 

               BEINGS OF LIGHT
                  Revealed the Enigma of the Beings of Light

When the massive presence of these Beings of Light takes place/appears there is always something happening. They announce a deep change in our tumbling Civilisation and they do it, always, alerting it with their lights and messages of hope.

Open the eyes of your mind and let them accompany you. Listen to what your interior tells you and your intimate connexion with the eternal. These photos, entire/integrity documents without altering or manipulating, are not only images of light, produced by the movement of the camera like many think, but they are real doors that are able to extend the vision to other worlds and realities. Reflect, read much and enjoy. Now you can contemplate these new dimensions that wait for us close to those Masters of Thought/Thinking that are the Beings of Light.

     seres_de_luz_11         seres_de_luz_13         seres_de_luz_20         seres_de_luz_14    

     seres_de_luz_22       seres_de_luz_17       seres_de_luz_25       seres_de_luz_29

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