Friday, 16 January 2015

Introducing Earth society - In the snake pit of Fear and Desire

I Am Terran. That means:  “Earth-walker”.

Our species engages in Terrany. That’s where we frighten each other to gain a pleasure from it. We try to subjugate each other because it makes us feel powerful.  Feeling powerful is a very strong drug indeed.

Pleasure and Power are two very strong motivators for Terrans.  Some people live their whole lives in constant pursuit of these two things – unconsciously, most of the time.  

Pleasure and Power are at the heart of much of the corruption we see on the Earth today.  It’s no new thing.  It just changes its overcoat to suit the political, educational, economic environments, through the centuries and millennia.  

It is why we have the Trade and Negotiations model as we do in business.  Our business model satisfies these two needs within us - to dominate others and to attain those things that give us sense pleasure.  It’s a two-edged sword.  When used well, much carnage can be achieved. 

Pleasure and Power leave us blinkered to the plight of millions of people that our actions affect.  With these blinkers on, we can no longer see.

Pleasure and Power are the reasons why this economics WWIII is currently happening. Terrans have found the stress disturbance of an economics war has far deeper effect on a greater number of people across the globe. Hence, an Economics War is far more desirable to the Terran psyche which is why they are creating it. 

Evoking Fear and Desire, is what Terrans hunger for. It is what They seek.  We can become free of Fear and Desire when we realise there is an Awakening that we can achieve that leads to “somewhere else”  – and then the whole game-plan changes.

This Earth body-suit works well for us, but not when it makes us a slave to Pleasure and Power. Both of these feelings are derived from huge bursts of hormones through the endocrine system in our bodies.  It also accounts for why we are so addicted to meat.  We are like “gods” who stand in dominion over all non-human Terrans. We do with their bodies what we like. Hormones of Fear fill their flesh before we murder them.  It’s this taste we are addicted to – the vibration of terror. Because after all, we are Terrans. 

We are no better than many of the Reptilian races who desire meat engorged with the hormone adrenalin. When we lose the taste for Pleasure and Power, our desire for flesh will fall away also. 

Many people live in terror of each other, and all too often, of the particles around them as well. “Germs” we call them… microbes, viruses, chem-trails, toxins, pathogens, air-borne diseases…  We have all of these names we can trot out in our “news hour” that continue the good work of putting us all back into Fear once again.  It has become the structure behind the fabric that our lives are made up of.  Yet none of this need be this way.

Who taught us to behave this way with each other?  Who was our role model? Who created our physical form to release all of these powerful hormones?  Our bodies were purposely set up this way… to react in this manner. 

We are a species addicted to the drug of our hormones.  It is indeed a drug. We are living in the drug-stupor of Pleasure and Power.  It would be the end of us...  But fortunately, we have assistance.  All we have to do is ASK how to get out of the snake pit.

Ask your off-worldly friends how to begin, and they will show you...
- by Ramallah.  January 17, 2015

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