Monday, 19 January 2015

Arcturian Starseed Sudevi: A personal story of Awakening

Time to Come Out of the Arcturian Starseed Spiritual Closet! A personal story of Awakening.

Published on Oct 31, 2011

Many of us are now feeling the call to take spiritual action. To heal, to learn, to seek, and to share. It's time we all come out of the spiritual closets we have protectively locked ourselves in. Whether the people around us think we're crazy, or know we're speaking truth, is irrelevant. Life will only be what we want it to be, when we live the lives we know we're here to live.

This video blog is my coming out story. If you're interested in a print version, along with some tidbits of spiritual teaching, a full version of this vlog is available in blog form, at:


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