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Orbs and Spirit Lights - What they are - by The White Cloud Group

Uploaded on Feb 5, 2010
by ebobss

Orbs and Spirit Lights channelled by Gregory and The White Cloud Group.
Snippet taken from our Podcast show on http://www.TheSpiritGuides.co.uk/radio

Orbs seem to be a relatively new phenomenon with the advent of digital technology. Ian asked if it was the new cameras producing the Orbs or if Orbs really do now exist. Gregory thankfully confirmed that the majority of Orbs captured are Spirit. Apparently its not the new digital cameras allowing them to be picked up, its just a new way for to make themselves known to us, as our interest in sprit grows. A century ago it was much easier for spirit to fully manifest, such as the case of Physical Medium Helen Duncan, providing ectoplasm to allow spirit to form. However due to high electromagnetic pollution brought about by our technological savvy world, its much harder for full manifesting to take place, as it takes a lot more energy. Its much easier for spirit to generate energy in plasma disks. Sometimes, even manifesting their faces in to the plasma disk.

Many thanks to our Facebook community and people who posted Orb pictures in our Paranormal Experience section of our site.


Published on Sep 30, 2014

Intelligent energy is clearly at work here people. Captured on film, which gives this more authenticity. What is intelligent about it? Well the fact that the energy is not just randomly moving- discounts the orbs as 'dust'. These videos were taken in multiple countries, and it is clear that some form on 'intelligence' is guiding them. If you have your own footage, please VR.

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celtic gardens

I'll never forget my first experience photographing these luminous spheres of light. I was in the coastal city of Woy Woy just north of Sydney with a dear friend, Nina. We were watching an evening procession of lanterns at the 2007 Australia Day celebrations. A magnificent pelican lantern carried by four local luminaries passed through the smoke produced by a nearby Aboriginal smoking ceremony. At that precise moment I poised my brand new Sony 7.2 megapixel camera and clicked. I remember looking at the screen on my camera and asking myself and Nina: What on earth are those balls of light?  - Celtic Gardens with Cedar Rivers

Australia Day 2007 Woy Woy l

Morning Orbs for rev book-6

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