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Call UFOs: Open heart, Open mind, Good intentions - then Focus, Ask, Thank and Wait.

How to Summon UFOS by Robert Bingham - Eagle Rock CA, Dec 14, 2013

Published on Dec 22, 2013

Dear friends here's my Instructional video for "How to Summon UFOS!"
We all teamed up to bring you this step by step instructional video to learn to summon ufos. I provide a complete breakdown on the steps needed to master this technique and form your own relationship with our ET friends. It takes time, practice and patience, but if you follow my techniques and keep an open heart Im sure you'll see great results!

This video was filmed at Eagle Rock CA on Dec 14, 2013 and shows various UFOS filmed throughout the day. We saw multiple orbs and a colorful ship that looked like a Christmas Tree or Ebani. Our crew included myself, Eva Garcia, Grant Ibrahim, Jim Martin, Jonathan Castro, Jeff, John Lauro, and John Graf. See for yourself the amazing footage taken from the day.

This production was brought to you by Robert Bingham, Jim Martin-InfamousFanclub,
Grant Ibrahim and edited by Lewis Richards and Anik Dang of 17th Street Recording Studio.

Interview footage filmed by Grant Ibrahim

UFOS filmed by Jim Martin, additional footage byJonathan Castro.

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Recap summoning:

Keep an open heart and good intentions

Focus intensely on a spot in the sky

Mentally transmit, "Please come. Thank you."

Observe the sky.

"The only limitations are the ones you put on yourself."  
- Robert Bingham


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